This course is designed for intermediate to advanced traders who what to maximize profits through stock trading.

What you will learn

How to know when it’s a good time to buy a stock.

What statistics are important when comparing stocks.

How to use research and charts as a trading tool.

What to look for to determine when its time to sell a stock.


This course takes traders, step by step, through the processes I use to identify a stock that represents value and what to look for to time your purchase and sale of a stock so you may maximize profits.

The course covers two main areas: research and charting. Research and charting are two extremely important processes a successful trader must employ so they may identify when a stock is at a cheap price and it’s time to buy, or when the stock is overvalued and it’s time to exit your position. Using charts and research reduces risks and increases profits.

Research tells us WHAT to buy, and charts tell us WHEN to buy.

Lectures are short and to the point, and you will find a practical activity also, to practice the strategies presented.

After completing this course learners will understand the strategies to follow, so their trading may be more profitable.

It’s important to keep learning if you want to be a successful trader and beat the average market return. This course offers practical examples of how to better understand market dynamics and use charts and research to your advantage.

I have been trading stocks for over 20 years and have great returns on my investments following the strategies presented in these lectures. If you would like to increase your profits then this course is for you.




Introduction and course overview


Course outline, overview

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Buying a stock

Purchasing a stock: Research

Purchasing a stock: Charts

Purchasing: Final checks

Purchasing: Final thoughts and tips

Selling a stock

Charts: Selling a stock

Selling a stock: Strategies


Practical assignment

Assignment review

Final words