Get Started with your Snowflake Journey with this free material

What you will learn

Understand Snowflake Concepts

Get some hands on lab exercises to try

Prepare for the Snowpro Core Certification

Reference material to some key snowflake topics


· The course contains around 15 Modules covering different Snowflake Concepts

· This course includes only the presentations and some hands-on lab that I created while learning snowflake.

· There are no video lectures

· All presentation resources, hands on Lab can be downloaded for easy reference

· The presentations can help you get a quick glimpse of important concepts and topics in snowflake

· This can be used as a starting point for your snowflake journey, or can also be used for quick revision of important topics in Snowflake

· Most of the presentations also has quiz sections at the end to test out your knowledge

· All the presentations also include the reference links to snowflake documentation or blogs, in case you need to go through detail on any topics

· Presentation for following topics will be available. Also, hands on lab will be available for most of the topics.

1. Snowflake Architecture & Setting up Hands-On Lab Environment

2. Virtual Warehouses (Compute)

3. Snowflake Storage and Protection

4. Snowflake Data Movement

5. Semi Structured Data

6. Micro partitions & Clustering

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7. Snowflake Account & Security

8. Snowflake Data Sharing

9. Tasks & Streams

10. Snowflake with Other Tools

11. Data Sampling, Masking and Materialized Views

12. Database Replication

13. Data Encryption

14. Best Practices

15. Snowflake Learning Resources

· Offering this course for free, and I hope it may help you in some way to get started with your snowflake journey




Learn Snowflake

Snowflake Architecture & Setting up Hands On Lab Environment

Opening Snowflake Account & Web UI Walkthrough

Virtual Warehouses (Compute)

Snowflake Storage and Protection

Snowflake Data Movement

Semi Structured Data