Get your first customer in 2 weeks. Start your business from scratch. The Ultimate Entrepreneur Guide to success

What you will learn

You will learn how to get clients in 2 weeks (middle of the course)

You will learn how to create and validate a profitable idea that fulfils you. Learn about IKIGAI.

You will learn how to start and set up a business from scratch in the right order in 20 steps – about 30 days)

You will learn why about 95% of businesses fail and how to avoid it. Be the 5% who succeeds

Learn how to look professional, how to brand yourself, how to create trust and authority. Learn about the 12 brand archetypes

Learn about growth mindset and build resilience

Learn how to be organized and productive

Learn about essential business tools

Learn about how and when to scale your business

Learn about the future of jobs

Learn about S.M.A.R.T. goal setting


This course is Your ultimate guide to building your business like a PRO in 20 simple steps and getting your first customer in 2 weeks.

Learn how to get free leads as easily as possible.

Learn how to build a profitable and sustainable business model.

Learn how to create leads with upsells to maximize your profit.

Learn how and when to scale your business.

Learn about branding and the branding archetypes.

Learn about free tools that help you accelerate your business and your productivity.

You will get a professional 100 pages eBook alongside this course full of valuable resources and some worksheets to maximize your success.

80% of businesses fail within their first 2 years, and only about 3-5% of them can celebrate their 10th anniversary. This course helps you to avoid becoming one of them.

Why do they fail?

There are 2 key issues:

– they don’t validate their idea, and they try to sell something nobody wants (70% of startups fail because of this)

– and later on, financial issues will become the major bankruptcy cause

This course gives you fantastic guidance if you are planning to start your business, especially online.

In this course, we will go through 6 valuable chapters:

CHAPTER 1: how to come up with a profitable idea that people would pay for.

CHAPTER 2: how to look professional: branding, creating authority, and building your website.

CHAPTER 3: how to get your first clients for free and in paid ad campaigns

CHAPTER 4: how to scale your business: how to get free PR, SEO, how to hire and become a projects manager in your company

CHAPTER 5: what business tools you should use

CHAPTER 6: the top 8 reasons companies fail. The future of jobs.

How was this course created?

This course has been created from research and my own experiences. I have been in business for nearly 20 years, I hold an MBA specialized in Entrepreneurship, and I have attended hundreds of conferences, seminars, and workshops.

How long does it take to complete this 20 step process?

Generally, it takes 30-60 days to complete this whole process (the 20 steps), and you can expect your first customer in the middle of the process.

If you have done business before, this process will be a lot faster for you, and if you are new to starting your own business, it can take you longer.

This course will be a goldmine for you, especially if you are brand new to the business and want to sell your services.

We are going to work through several methods that help you identify what your profitable idea is. In addition, we are going to learn about tools that help you along your business journey.

You are going to learn about examples from the business world to make your business journey even easier.

Learn how to build a sustainable multiple-tier business.

I use the Lean Startup Method as a core principle to help you save money and maximize the probability of your success.

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The 20 steps:

  1. Profitable idea
  2. Idea Validation
  3. Money/Economics
  4. Ideal Client/ Create a persona
  5. Mindset
  6. Branding/ Website creation
  7. Marketing
  8. Authority- Build Trust
  9. Automation
  10. Get Traffic and leads (for free)
  11. First paid campaign
  12. Affiliate set up
  13. Profitable business structure
  14. Organize a weekly calendar
  15. More paid marketing
  16. Influencers
  17. How to collect testimonials
  18. Project management/ Productivity
  19. How to build a referral network
  20. Increase visibility- SEO, Media, PR, YouTube, etc.

Who is this course for?

– entrepreneurs

– people who have never done business before and now are ready to start one

– small business owners

– people who have started but failed and need help

– people who want to grow their business but are not sure how







Step 1 : Create a Profitable idea

Step 2: Idea Validation and research

Step 3 Money and Economics

Step 4 : Ideal Client: Create a client persona

Step 5: Mindset

Chapter 2 : Look professional

Step 6: Branding. Create a website

Step 7: Marketing. The first paid promotion

Step 8: Create Trust and authority

Step 9: Automation

Chapter 3: Start getting clients and your first customers

Step 10: How to get leads for free

Step 11: Paid campaigns on Facebook and Google

Step 12: Create passive income: affiliate marketing in 2 different ways

Step 13: Design a profitable and sustainable multiple-tier business structure

Step 14: Organize a weekly calendar

Step 15: More paid marketing: accelerate

Step 16: Influencers: mistakes to avoid, and how to choose them

Step 17: Collect testimonials

Chapter 4: Scale Your Business

Step 18: Project management. How to become more productive

Step 19: How to build a referral network

Step 20: How to increase visibility: Webinar funnels and Facebook ads

Step 20: How to increase visibility: SEO

Step 20: How to increase visibility: Create YouTube tutorials.

STEP 20: Media, PR, and other

Chapter 5: More Business Tools

Business tools

Chapter 6: BONUS LECTURE: The future of jobs & Why businesses fail

Why businesses fail? What’s the future of jobs?