SD Simplified: Debate Fundamentals


When we hear Speech & Debate, we think of a three word phrase. And that is being unapologetically yourself. We know how it feels to be afraid of speaking, but it shouldn’t be that way. So we built a course designed to help you navigate through the fundamentals of the best activity to get you out of your comfort zone, Speech & Debate.

And no it’s not going to be easy. And no it’s not going to be hard. But it will do wonders on your speaking ability, confidence, and tenacity. We promise you that if you stick with us for the next couple months, you’ll come out not just happy with speaking your mind in front of the world, but you’ll be excited.

This course was designed with your child and your student in mind:Β to be the most simple possible.

Our course is broken up into a series of small, easy to digest lectures that talk about speech topics ranging from vocal to physical, providing activities that help students practice their skills, helping them make sure they know what they’re learning.

It wasn’t built to be intensive, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be information-packed.

We have small quizzes and touchpoints along the way setup to provide you with the ability to check yourself and prevent any knowledge holes from arising.

We teach the Speech &Β Debate the way Nationals Competitors compete in it, as our coaching staff is full of incredibly successful competitors on the circuit.

Join us to learn Speech &Β Debate, not the hard way, but the fun, simple, and exciting way!

We’d write more down, but debate is all about talking, isn’t it πŸ™‚

Keep in mind this is a growing course.

We’ve added so much so far, but we plan on adding a whole lot more than what you already see.

Once you sign up, you get all of these updates for life, so you can always stay up to date about what’s new in the world of speech!





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Caleb’s Intro

Luciann’s Intro

Veda’s Intro

Debate Fundamentals

Debate Overview

Events Quiz

Stock Issues

Stock Issues Quiz

Card Cutting

Developing Effective Speech Composition and Delivery Pt. 1

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos Quiz

Developing Effective Speech Composition and Delivery Pt. 2


Final Activity!