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The Essential Selenium WebDriver with Java course to help you write your first test in under 1 hour

What you will learn

Build beautiful tests using Selenium WebDriver

Understand how to use XPath and CSS to locate web elements

Learn about the page object pattern

Learn some of the most important automation best practices

Understand how to use JUnit for testing the most downloaded Java library

Learn about Intelli J, the most popular Java IDE

Master element manipulation such as click, drag and so on


Welcome to an Introductory course in Selenium WebDriver with Java, the only course you need to quickly get up and running with Selenium WebDriver.

100% Redesigned and Remastered For 2020!

Now includes a module on the most important automation patterns and anti-patterns.

At 5+ hours, this Selenium WebDriver with Java course is guaranteed to have you running your first Selenium test in under 1 hr.

The course is a taught by the world’s leading instructor at test automation. Training over 100,000 people in-person and online.

The course has been updated to be 2020 ready and you’ll be learning the latest tools and technologies used at the world’s leading test automation organizations such as Sauce Labs

We’ve taught over 100,000 students how to code and many have gone on to change their lives by becoming professional test automation engineers

We’ll take you step-by-step through engaging video tutorials and teach you everything you need to know to get introduced to  Selenium WebDriver with Java.

Throughout this carefully-engineered course, we cover a the world’s leading tools and technologies, including:

Selenium WebDriver


Intelli J


Sign up today, and look forward to:

Video Lectures

Code Challenges and Exercises

Real web applications


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Don’t just take my word for it, check out what existing students have to say about the course:

“Great course! This was one of the most thorough training courses I have ever taken/endured/survived. For me the course had a real “graduate course” feel to it, along with some almost impossible challenges that will result in frustration as well as some very deep learning.”- David Kotschessa

“The C# section is taught by someone else, which surprised me, but I think they did a great job at instructing at a beginner level. The Selenium materials are quite comprehensive and the instructor is easy to follow and understand. I am impressed that the author has taken the time to keep the course materials updated, and therefore merits 5 stars in my book!” – David Draper

“Well I can’t explain in words how much am excited after completing this course. The more I was close to completion the more am getting excited. You are a great instructor Nikolay. You don’t just taught Selenium but other aspects of being a beautiful coder.Now am pretty confident and can say “Yes” to my clients when they need me to automate the application. Thank you Sir for all the hard work and effort you put in the course. Surely would like to see you in another engaging course!” – Randhawa Verma

I like fundamental approach used by author. Will see:) To prepare such a course – it’s a really hard and big job. Respect and thank you.” – Serhii Kovalenko

Wonderful content and things explained in a nutshell. Overwhelmed by Author’s dedication to put things in such a way that any novice or manual tester can follow and understand and definitely be on-boarded as a Selenium Automation Engineer next day at work. Thanks a million times for creating these courses! One Stop for Automation.”- Rupashree Geethaaviji Ananthakrishna

“I am familiar with Nikolay from a course I saw on TestAutomation and have the highest regard for him. Glad to see him on Udemy.” – Annamalai Viswanathan

“One Of the Best courses on Selenium With C#. Cheers Nikolay!!” – Saransh Vaid

REMEMBER… I’m so confident that you’ll love this course that we’re offering a FULL money back guarantee for 30 days! So it’s a complete no-brainer, sign up today with ZERO risk and EVERYTHING to gain.

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Q: What operating system should I have?

A: The course is presented for Windows and Mac OS users.

Q: Do I need to install other programs for this course?

A: Yes, you will need to install Java, IntelliJ and Maven on your computer.

Q: Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

Basic understanding of Java programming

  • A PC running Windows 10 Professional or Mac OS
  • Chrome browser
  • Familiar with web pages
  • Software testing knowledge
  • All software we’ll be using is free to download and install

Q: Do I need to purchase any additional licenses to be able to use all the demonstrated tools?

A: No, all the tools you will be using during this course are free

Q: Do I need previous programming knowledge ?

A: Basic Java knowledge is advisable to understand all the concepts, but the course will explain everything in a comprehensible way for beginners as well. The course also contains a section for Java basics.

Q: How long do I have to complete it?

A: Once you purchased the course, you will have lifetime access to it and any updates we will add to the course.

Q: Do I receive anything after I complete a course?

A: Yes, a completion certificate is issued once you have gone over all the lectures.

Q: What if I am not happy with the course?

A: No hassle, 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 days.

Q: What if I don’t get results, do you have a refund policy?

A: Sure do! You have 30-days to go through and implement the information. If you do the work and don’t get results, I’ll be happy to give you every penny back.

I have more questions…

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

We will be more than happy to assist you!




Introduction to Page Objects in Test Automation


Course Outline


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What to do when you run into errors

Course resources

Introduction and question

How many functional tests can you run per day

How can we handle automation in an evolving world

Learning why Record & Replay test automation is not effective

Introduction to next section and tools used

Recording automation test using Selenium Builder

Understanding the layout of the solution and the recorded test

Course Feedback

Changing the remote webdriver to firefox driver

Understanding why the test failed a 2nd time

Finally getting the recorded test to run

What are the problems with recorded functional tests v2

Conclusions regarding recorded tests

What can we do to fix the problems with recorded functional tests

Learning the pitfalls of Keyword Driven test automation

Introduction to Keyword Driven Testing

What can change about the Keyword Driven Framework

advantages and disadvantages of keyword driven tests

Transition into Page Object Pattern


Page Object Pattern

introduction to the page object pattern

advantages and disadvantages of the page object pattern

first look at a functional test using the page object model

understanding BaseTest and CoursesPage

Page objects look similar

Description of the 2nd test

Wiring up the 2nd test in code

How to implement the UserInteractionsCoursePage

Implementing the IsAt method

Running the 2nd automation test


Making Page Objects Even Better

What will be covered in the next section


Quiz-What about our page objects is WET

Quiz Answer to why our page objects are WET

How to add a BasePage class to our page objects

Introduction to Single Responsibility Principle

Further understanding SRP

Analyzing the new CoursesPage

Analysis of ObjectRepository implimentation

Implemention ObjectRepo for StudentDashboard

Fixing the StudentLoginPage

Fixing final page and executing functional tests

Introduction to section regarding dealing with large web pages

Understanding why having a complex HTML page is a problem

Writing the first functional test for the large page

Implementing the functionality of the first test

Executing the first test with complex page

Coding out the 2nd complex page test

Debugging the 2nd complex test

Learning how to evaluate elements at run time

Quiz on everything we learned

Explaining the solution to the quiz

Executing the solution to the quiz

Explaining the possible problems that we will run into with our page object

How do you clean up large page objects

Cleaning up large page objects example 2

Quiz on how to clean up large page objects

Quiz answer to large page objects


FInal Exam