How can I communicate better with children?

What you will learn

Praising children

Acknowledging their feelings

Problem Solving

Creating a checklist


This course content is inspired and based on my interpretation of the book series How To Talk so Kids Will Listen.

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These are some of the helpful strategies I have learned and would like to share with you. The skills include such ideas as the paradigm of praising in a different way, acknowledging feelings with words and pictures.  Also, the importance of sharing our feelings, problem solving with the child, putting the child in charge and being playful where we bring inanimate objects to life such as making a sock talk to help them put on their socks quickly.  In addition, I will go into the mindset of trying to think of what the child is experiencing and also one on one special time and giving in fantasy where we use our imagination to fulfill their wish for something.  Next, the idea of using a single word such as “seatbelt” can help remind the child to put on their seatbelt and a gesture such as a finger on the lips can signal the importance of being quiet if you are on the phone.  Lastly, I will go into the importance of accepting all emotions; however, there are times when certain actions need to be taken such as removing toys from sight that are problematic.




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