Practical strategies and tips for those suddenly thrust into the role of caregiver for a loved one.

What you will learn

Create a regret free game plan for you and your loved one

Be able to recognize important trade offs

Minimize potential for unnecessary delays and stress

Practice compassion, patience, and gratitude daily

Get the most out of doctor’s appointments

Confidently seek and ask others for help

Maintain motivation and energy

Discover strength inside you that you never knew existed



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Why I made this course

What This Course Is and Isn’t About
Who Should Take This Course?
How to Take this Course

Your War Chest

What is the War Chest?
Your Caregiving Mantra
The Only Place That Matters
I Get to Have
How to Look at Statistics
Ask for Help
What Would You Want?
Quick Ask

The Game Plan

Why You Need a Game Plan
Clear Your Calendar
Take Inventory – Everyone Who Could Be Helpful
Mind & Spirit
Build Cushion
Keep Trials in Mind
Positive to Negative Ratio
Things to Look Forward To
Priming & Use of Language
Thoughts on “Complementary” & “Alternative” Therapies
Conversations To Have
Create a Private Facebook Group

Put Your Mask On First

Put Your Mask On First
Identify, Eliminate & Reduce Leeches
Managing Time
Managing Energy
Lazy Healthy Diet
Lazy Fitness
Simple Destressing
Have Your Go To Resources
Get Your Me Time

Doctor’s Appointments

Understanding the Basics
Finding Good Doctors
Be Nice to Gatekeepers and Expediters
ID and Prioritize Risks
Contingencies & Stacking Requests
Follow Up
Prep for a Dr’s Appointment
Treatment Roadmap

Message to the Care Supporters

Simple Question to Ask Yourself
Don’t Say “How Can I Help?”
Get and Give Green Lights

Messages for the Care Receiver

You Choose Everyday
Initiate the Tough Talks
Have the Right Benchmarks
Fight to Delay Every “Last”
Savor Each Moment


Want to Chat 1 on 1?
How Can You Help?

Bonus Discussion

Other Resources Overview
For Inspiration
For Medical Research
For Clinical Trials
Mood Booster Music
If Using a Cane
Other Helpful Things For the House
How to Find Outside Caregivers – Interview with
Donation to Lung Cancer Alliance