Learn how to use the PID and TPO instruction on Omron PLC

What you will learn

Omron PLC PID Instruction

Omron PLC TPO Instruction

What is P, I and D, and how will effect on Controller

How you can Tune P,I and D

How you can use Auto Tune in PID Instruction


In this training course, you will learn the Omron Instruction for PID control, the PIDAT Instruction, and how to use it as well as adjust its parameters for different situations.

You will also learn the TPO instruction and learn how to convert PID analog output to digital by combining PID and TPO.

also in this training course, you will get acquainted with the parameters P, I, and D and you will see how each of them affects your control system.

Finally, in a practical project that is a thermoforming machine, we use the PID and TPO instructions and show how the PID instructions can be obtained automatically with the Auto-Tune capability of the PID instruction.

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This course is based on my practical experiences and all the issues that have been used one by one in projects. so you can make sure you can use it without any problem in projects that you have.

Also, after viewing the course, if you think it is a useful topic that can be added to the course, send it to me so that it can be added to the course after review.

After watching this course, you can send your questions through the available communication channels and I will try to answer your questions.




What is PID Controller?
PID Instruction in Omron PLC
TPO Instruction in Omron PLC
Description of P, I, and D
Write a program for PID control in cx-programmer for real system
Using Auto-Tune for Thermoform Machine