Learn each step and sub step of content writing with examples and get blog writing tasks to start your career!

What you will learn

Get a working idea of content research, writing and checking

Learn standards of blog writing to write like a pro

Learn use of testing software and sites to improve your content

Get freelancing opportunities


Writing content requires nothing more than a good command over English, Google searching and some creativity. The challenge lies in finding well paying clients or jobs and following high standards while writing. A new writer may feel lost or undervalued despite there being many freelancing and job opportunities in the market.

This course will help you address each problem and guide you on your way to success in content writing, with focus on blogs and articles.

I will also offer you direct chances to write for me online or outsource your extra work to me; so you can earn from your house.

This course will mainly cover guidelines to find tasks, do research, write effective content, check the content using software and ensure good SEO compatibility. Various tips about effective research, submission, revisions, avoiding plagiarism and finding clients/jobs have been encompassed in this brief tutorial along with my examples.

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Find all this and more in this brief and to the point course; and start your career in content writing from your home!

So, let’s get started!

NOTE– This course is ideal for blog or article writing. However, the guidelines may apply to most types of content writing tasks like blogs, press release, social media captions, website page content etc. Moreover, all content must be based primarily on the client’s instructions and type of task.



Introduction and Research
Finding Tasks and deciding Title
Keyword and Content Research
Writing Tips and Structuring
Tones of Writing
Quality check
Quality and Plagiarism checking
Conclusion and Offer
Some useful Tips