Think. Act. Civilize by learning the science behind Propaganda.

What you will learn

You will learn How to think rather than What to think.

You will Learn different aspects of Propaganda – History, Evolution and Implications on an individual’s life.

You will specifically learn how Propaganda is used by Political Parties and Politicians to meet their Political Needs.

You will Learn about Institute for Propaganda Analysis and how they defined and classified Propaganda.

You will learn about the techniques of Propaganda and how they are employed to stir your emotions and achieve the goals of Propagandists.

We will discuss Propaganda Model as described in the book Manufacturing Consent.

We will see the Filters of Mass Media through which the information is passed before becoming NEWS.

At the end of the course, you will be able to define, classify and call out different Propaganda techniques that you are fed in your day to day life.

Why take this course?

This Course is based on primarily, the Institute for Propaganda Analysis and the book Manufacturing Consent.

Institute For Propaganda Analysis was an Organization in USA, the first section explains what Propaganda is as defined by IPA and also the various devices IPA called out.

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The second section will take you through the findings and model as described by Mr. Edward S. Herman and Mr. Noam Chomsky in their book Manufacturing Consent- The Political Economy of the Mass Media. In this section we will see the Propaganda Model and its filters.

Note – Whatever I have compiled in this course is readily available on the internet.