Scientific Approach towards Name Numerology

What you will learn

Complete Concept of Name Numerology

Guidelines on How name Number works

Preparing Name Chart

Preparing Name Blue print


Guided course on how to Correct your Name using Name Numerology.

By taking this course, you’ll learn the proven art of Numerology with a modern and relevant twist. It offers experienced and beginner readers alike an easy, a by-the-numbers method for consulting Name Numerology for practical insights into pressing issues including love, work, finances, and key relationships, as well as timing for important events to practical everyday tasks. This innovative approach will help boost your confidence, as well as bring greater precision, depth, and accuracy to your psychic readings for personal and/ or professional use. This course walks you through the simple steps to mastering this intuitive language of Name Numerology.

Let me share with you The Science of understanding Numerology . We all know that Numbers are everywhere.

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These all numbersΒ  have Different meaning and connection related to Time,Space & Human Life. Along with this , Numbers are also connected with human Activities. Also TheyΒ  says lot of about Human Personality. The Qualified Numerologist, with the help of the person’s name and his/her Correct Date of birth,can Answer many questions.They read the energy of Time & Space of a Curious person from the Name Alphabet. This is also one of the occult Method like Astrology.

This simple science are useful for Tarot Readers, Numerologist and Astrologers also. With the help of Numbers,you can Make a Numero kundali also. This is a wonderful science if you don’t want to learn too much complexities of other occult sciences. It works as a handy tool for the time when anyone is in confusion or unable to make decisions.

So enroll and enjoy furthering your own psychic abilities for personal and/ or professional use. And discover the opportunities of a life experienced with greater clarity and confidence.




Name Numerology Theory
Calculation of Numbers
Soul and Personality Number
Meaning of Numbers

Implementation of Learning Theory

Lo- shu Grid and Name
Example of Grid making and Name
Example of Grid making and Date of birth connection