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Professional Diploma in Advertising & Advertising Management
Professional Diploma in Advertising and Advertising Management by MTF Institute

What you will learn

Introduction to advertising and its essence, and its types

Advertising strategies

Methods of advertising budget planning

How to evaluate the effectiveness of advertWhat is media planning, its tasks, stages and instrumentsising

Psychological impact of advertising, advertising models

Trends in advertising

Types of advertising agencies


Welcome to course: Advertising & Advertising Management by MTFΒ Institute

You will know about: what is advertising, direct and indirect advertising; advertising strategy, types of advertising strategies; how to plan advertising budget, methods of formation adv budget, instruction with an example how to create the budget; components of efficiency to evaluate the advertising, approaches; what is media planning, its instruments, types, tasks and stages; psychological impact of adv, adv trends and models; what is advertising agency, its functions, structure and types


Advertising is a form of communication that aims to promote or sell a product, service, or idea. Its purpose is to reach and persuade a target audience through various channels and mediums. The ultimate goal is to create awareness, generate interest, and influence consumer behavior. Advertisements can take many forms, including print ads, radio and TV commercials, online banners, social media posts, billboards, and more. The key elements of advertising include a compelling message, a target audience, and the choice of appropriate media for distribution.

Advertising Management:

Advertising management involves planning, executing, and overseeing an organization’s advertising activities. It is a strategic process that requires making decisions about various aspects of advertising campaigns to achieve specific marketing objectives. Key components of advertising management include:

Strategic Planning: Identifying goals, target audiences, and the overall message to be conveyed. This phase involves market research and analysis to understand consumer behavior and market trends.

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Media Planning: Selecting the most effective channels and platforms to reach the target audience. This includes choosing between traditional media (TV, radio, print) and digital media (online ads, social media, email marketing).

Creative Development: Crafting the content and visuals of the advertisements. This includes writing compelling copy, designing visuals, and ensuring consistency with the brand’s messaging and identity.

Budgeting: Allocating financial resources for advertising campaigns. This involves determining how much money to spend on each campaign and allocating funds to different media channels.

Execution: Implementing the advertising plan, which includes negotiating with media outlets, launching campaigns, and monitoring their progress.

Evaluation and Analysis: Assessing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns through various metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This involves analyzing consumer response, sales data, and other relevant factors to measure the campaign’s success.

Adjustment and Optimization: Based on the evaluation, advertising management may involve making adjustments to future campaigns. This could include refining the target audience, adjusting messaging, or reallocating budget to more successful channels.

Effective advertising management requires a combination of creativity, market knowledge, and analytical skills. It plays a critical role in helping organizations connect with their target audience, build brand awareness, and achieve marketing objectives. The field is dynamic, with professionals adapting to changes in consumer behavior, technology, and media trends to stay ahead in the competitive landscape.




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Advertising Management

Advertising Strategy
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