Roadmap MBA : Leadership and Management Masterclass
We are the social impact startup making business education accessible for 5 billion people.

What you will learn

Learn business strategy, finance and all the best parts of a full MBA course.

Gain practical skills which help you launch a business or grow your career.

Includes the world’s best theories in sales, strategy, marketing, management, leadership, finance and more.

Save up to $160k vs traditional business schools. Save up to $6k vs other alternative MBA / MBA Essentials courses.


Roadmap MBA is an alternative MBA business course which provides the real world skills to help you grow a business or progress your career.

This course is written and delivered in such a way to make complex business concepts simple, sharing practical tools and techniques which will help executives at all levels produce real world results.

The videos are meant to be watched in conjunction with the PDF handouts for each module.

This is a private sector business course and not associated or accredited by any university or third party or imply any level of learning equivalent to an OfQal qualification.

Our mission is making business education accessible for 5 billion people.

For many years business education has been out of reach for regular people, particularly those from under-privileged and under-represented backgrounds.

We believe that it shouldn’t matter where you grow up or what your financial background is on deciding if you can access information to help you build a better life for yourself. We also believe that companies deserve a fair deal on their training and development.

We have built something which gives the complete roadmap to grow your business or career as a low cost practical alternative to a traditional MBA.

We are on a mission to help people around the world build a better life for themselves, creating an accessible platform for communities to thrive and celebrate together.

The complete roadmap to help you grow your business or career:

Pre-planning: What do you want to achieve?

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Module 1: Understanding your goals and ambitions.

Module 2: Skills investors, business partners and employers look for.

Module 3: Your personal and professional brand.

Modules 4-6: Business strategy.

Module 7: Marketing.

Module 8: Social Influence.

Modules 9-11: Sales.

Module 12: The social side of business.

Module 13: Leadership and management.

Modules 14: Mental health

Modules 15: Financial intelligence.



Leadership and Management

Intro to the Leadership and Management Masterclass
Leadership and management
Assigning responsibilities
Managing Cash
What to do when losing money
Commander’s intent
How happy are your team?
Understanding different types of motivation
Extreme ownership
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