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What you will learn

This course will give you a step-by-step process to help you build your talent strategy that is aligned with your organizational strategy so as to attract the r

It will teach you how to select the talent based on relevant metrics that determine on-the-job success, and how to retain the talent within your organization to

You are also going to learn how to put it all together and get you ready to grow your talent to take on higher roles as they outperform their current job expect

As part of the course, you will be provided with assignments – which you’ll deliver with iterative peer feedback, set of basic tools and charts, which you’ll ne


The course is designed to provide you with a step-by-step process to develop a talent strategy that is closely aligned with your organizational strategy. It will guide you through the entire talent management lifecycle, from attracting the right talent to retaining and developing them for future growth.

One of the key aspects covered in the course is attracting the right talent. You will learn how to effectively promote your employer brand and optimize job postings to attract high-potential candidates. By understanding the specific skills and competencies needed for each role, you can craft targeted recruitment strategies to ensure you are attracting candidates who align with your talent requirements.

Once you have attracted potential candidates, the course will teach you how to select the right talent based on relevant metrics. You will learn about various selection methods, including interviews, assessments, and other evaluation techniques. By using these metrics effectively, you can identify candidates who have the potential to succeed in their roles and contribute to the growth of your organization.

Retaining and engaging talent is another critical component of the course. You will explore strategies to create a supportive work environment that encourages employee retention. This may include implementing effective onboarding processes, providing ongoing development opportunities, and establishing retention initiatives such as mentorship programs and recognition efforts.

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Furthermore, the course will cover talent development for growth. You will learn how to create a framework for individual growth and career progression within your organization. This involves performance management, succession planning, and the creation of individualized development plans. By investing in the development of your employees, you can nurture their potential and prepare them for higher-level roles.

In cases of underperformance, the course will provide guidance on how to address these issues. You will learn strategies for performance improvement, including coaching techniques and the importance of providing feedback and support to help employees meet expectations.

Lastly, the course will touch on facilitating transitions for employees who may need to move to different roles within your organization or even explore opportunities outside. It will cover strategies for internal mobility, career pathing, and managing talent transitions effectively to ensure that employees are matched with roles that align with their strengths.

By completing this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to build a talent strategy that attracts, selects, retains, and develops the right talent for your organization. You will have the tools to effectively manage talent and support their growth, ultimately contributing to the overall success of your organization.




What does the course cover?
Course Overview and Syllabus

Attracting Talent

Winning Job Description
Perfect your Talent Strategy
Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
Discussion Forum: The Dating Guide to Recruitment
The Big Picture
Discussion Forum: The Big Picture
The Soul Searching
Discussion Forum: Soul Searching
Your Value Proposition
Examples of employee value proposition
Investigate & Articulate Your Employee Value Proposition
Virtual Propositions
What motivators are you offering?
Attracting Talents Post-COVID
Attracting Talent Quiz
Attracting Talent Summary

Selecting Talent Introduction

Selecting Talent Introduction
Business IMPACT of having a talent mix-match
Discussion Forum: Business Impact of Talent mix-match
Let’s quantify the IMPACT
Discussion Forum: Quantifying the Impact of Talent mix-match
Setting the Standard
Article: Setting the Standards
Competency over Credentials
Compatibility – Way of Working
Selecting Talent Quiz 2
Building the RIGHT Selection Process
Selecting talents Post COVID
Assessing talents Post COVID
Selecting Talent Quiz
Selecting Talent Summary

Retaining Talent

Retaining talent Introduction
Building the RIGHT Culture
Less Than You Thought
Retaining Talent Mid-Module Quiz
Culture Evolution & Reinforcement
How Do You Assess Genuine Cultural/Values Alignment?
Discussion Forum: Assess Genuine Cultural/Values Alignment
Cultural Reinforcement
Discussion Forum: Cultural Reinforcement
Sustaining a Strong Culture
Discussion Forum: Sustaining Strong Culture
Cultural Reinforcement
Reward – Motivation and Engagement
Discussion Forum: Employer Motivator
Performance Management
Retaining Talents Post Covid

Growing Talent

Growing Talent Introduction
Performance & Feedback Management
Performance Review
Discussion forum – Performance Review
Learning and Development for Organization Effectiveness
Succession Planning
Managing Sideways
Offboarding – Transitioning Process
Growing Talents in Post COVID

Wrap and Closing

Wrap and Closing