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Interview Essentials To Help You Land the Job – Sell Yourself Into a Great Job with Strong Interview Essentials

What you will learn

Learn the right way to prepare for your job interview.

How to create narratives about your successes.

How to answer some of the toughest questions you will get in a job interview.

You will gain skills that are important in a virtual interview as well as an in person meeting.

How to highlight your career achievements so they are relevant for the company you want to work for.

You will get smart tips for your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Learners will get insights about post interview activities.


If you want to get a new job, change careers, earn more money, enhance your status, and prestige, then you must excel in your job interview. This course will give you the tools and confidence to be great in your job interview. You’ll learn how to tell the story of your achievements both on the job in and in your life. There will be important examples of how to answer some of the toughest questions that you might face in your interview either in person or by Zoom.

What job seekers should not do is to go into an interview and just wing it You will need to think, plan, and develop a strategy that will give you the edge when you are competing against dozens of other applicants for your position.

You will also learn the importance of you present yourself either in your interviewers office or virtually.

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Taking time to research the company is essential. Interview Essentials will give you the right way to find out important facts and insights about the firm you want to work for.

While this course is primarily about increasing your job interviewing skills, you’ll also get smart ideas about helping your resume and LinkedIn profile to stand out.



Pre-Interview Essentials
Do your home work
Do a deep dive into the person interviewing you.
Create compelling messages about why they should hire you.
Make sure your selling points are relevant
Be a problem solver
Who is your interviewer?
Practice, A lot.
Be outstanding in your interview
What are your messages?
Dress like you mean business
It’s essential to have a power presence in an interview
Don’t be a slave to the question.
Be a problem solver.
Brevity is the soul of wit and great interview answers.
It’s essential to be the number one translator of you.
Bad communications can kill your chances for a job
Don’t be a prisoner of perfectionism.
Don’t be the best. Be the only.
Don’t be boring.
Your voice is powerful. Use it.
In looking for a new job, don’t follow your passions.
How older workers can win a job in an interview.
Look to the future to get your job today.
How to succeed in a Zoom interview.
How to feel confident for you job interview.
Should you ever bad mouth your current boss?
Should you correct an interviewers mistakes?
Tell stories. Lots of them.
Questions you will get in a job interview.
Tell me something about yourself.
Why do you want this job?
What attracted you to this line of work?
What are your weaknesses?
What have you innovated?
Why were you fired?
What are your three greatest strengths?
Have you ever had to handle the complaints of an angry customer?
Did you ever go beyond the call of duty with a client?
Are there any questions I should have asked you but I didn’t?
Do you have any questions for me?
Don’t ask these questions.
Questions you’re not allowed to be asked.
What if you don’t know the answer to a question?
Beware of the distracted interviewer.
What if the interviewer makes a mistake? Should you correct it?
Be the bearer of your own bad news.
Do people lie in job interviews?
Tell them something they don’t know.
Be smart after the interview.
The hiring process can be slow.
Send a customized thank-you note.
Should you pursue other jobs while you’re waiting?
Do prospective employers check your references?
How to relieve anxiety while waiting to see if you got the job.
Resumes and Linkedin
Make your LinkedIn profile shine.
Post an essay every week on LinkedIn.
The essentials of LinkedIn recommendations.
Should you list your vaccine status on your resume or LinkedIn profile?
Artificial Intellegence and your job search.
Additional learning sources
Best business advice: pay attention.
Go small or go home.
Charisma is overrated.
How did you become great and how could you mess it up?
Business benefits of being a good observer.
Create your one personal board of directors.
Who is in your power circle?
Three reasons you are not meeting your goals.
Best business advice: pay attention.
Pay attention in your personal life.
How to overcome instances to achieve anything.
It’s not what you say, it’s what they hear.
Time is your biggest enemy.
What would you do if you weren’t afraid to fail.
What would you sacrifice to make your biggest goals?
What’s the one thing you can do to be better at anything?
How to persuade anyone.