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Important points to consider before purchasing antivirus, Future challenges for antivirus software, Legal.

What you will learn

What are the key factors or important points which we should consider before purchasing antivirus?

What are the various future challenges for antivirus software?

What are the legal considerations in antivirus software usage?

What are the ethical considerations related to antivirus software?

What are the emerging trends in antivirus software?


1. What are those points which should be looked into while purchasing antivirus?

2. Our antivirus should provide real time protection. What is the meaning of real time protection?

3. Our antivirus should be compatible with the operating system of our computer. What it means?

4. What is the purpose of fire wall?

5. What is meant by password manager?

6. Some antivirus offer parental control features. What is the benefit of parental control feature?

7. Why the antivirus will continue to face numerous challenges in future?

8. What are the various future challenges for antivirus software?

9. What is the meaning of advanced persistent threats?

10. What is meant by cloud-based threats?

11. Give an example from the real world which demonstrates the important role played by antivirus in cybersecurity.

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12. There is need for international collaboration in cybersecurity efforts. Give an example of the same from the real world.

13. What are various legal considerations in antivirus software usage?

14. We should have a legitimate licence to use the antivirus software. Why?

15. Antivirus software vendors must adhere to consumer protection laws. Comment.

16. What are various ethical considerations related to antivirus software?

17. Antivirus software vendor should provide clear information to the users regarding antivirus software. What this clear information refers to?

18. The user of antivirus software should follow responsible disclosure practices. What is meant by that?

19. The user of antivirus software should not engage in unethical or illegal activities. Comment.

20. What are emerging trends in Antivirus?

21. What is meant by Cloud-Based Antivirus?

22. What is the meaning of zero-day threats?





11 Key Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Antivirus

Key factors to consider before purchasing Antivirus
Future challenges for antivirus software
Real world examples: importance of antivirus
Legal considerations in Antivirus Software usage
Ethical considerations related to Antivirus software
Emerging Trends in Antivirus