Russian in dialogues with Natalia
Practice your Russian conversation skills to fit in with natives

What you will learn

Learn Russian vocabulary and its usage on popular conversational topics

Practice Russian pronunciation with the native teacher

Practice listening skills and understanding of native Russian speech

Practice speaking skills by roleplaying dialogues

Check your comprehension by answering test questions for each topic


This is a 100% practical Russian course designed for beginner and intermediate level students. Course is taught in Russian and English languages that makes it easier for beginners to jump right into learning new words and phrases. Intermediate level students will find this course extremely helpful to practice their conversational skills in real life situations.

During our course you will do lots of different activities.

1) Roleplay dialogues on various popular topics like meeting new people, talking about your family, discussing food and drinks, having conversation about your clothes or apartment, and even practicing a typical conversation at the restaurant.

Every topic has its own useful vocabulary list (words and phrases) so you will be well-prepared before practicing each dialogue. For your convenience all dialogues are presented in both languages, Russian and English.

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After finishing conversational practice on each topic you are offered to complete tests which check your comprehension of typical questions and phrases you may hear when talk to native Russian speakers.

The biggest advantage of the course is that it is taught by native speaker and experienced teacher so you will also greatly improve your pronunciation skills.

To sum up, if you looking for Russian practical course for traveling, business, dating, studies, or anything else, this course has you covered!



Russian in Dialogues

Meeting new people
Food and drinks
In the restaurant