Create and Publish Online Forms with Ease

What you will learn

online form creation

online survey collection

managing survey data

online form sharing


Google Forms is a free web-based form creation tool that allows you to make forms, collect responses and manage responses in different ways.

In this course, we are going to start the course by learning how to access and create new forms.

Then, we will explore various methods of managing form questions including working with form title and description, adding questions, making questions compulsory. changing question type, response validation, adding media files, dividing question sections, and setting conditions for sections.

After that, we will see how we can access and manage different resources, including how to accept or block responses, select response destination, downloading responses, printing responses, and deleting responses.

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We will then look at how we can use various form management options and learn how we can select different themes for our form. We will see how we can change the form into a quiz and score the quiz as well.

Also, we will see how we can collaborate with different people to make a form and then even transfer the ownership of the form to others.

After that, we will see how we can use various sharing and publishing features. And then wrap of the course with an example project.



Accessing and Getting Started

Access Google Forms
Ways to Create New Forms

Form Questions Management

Form Title and Description
Add and Delete Questions
Making Questions Compulsory
Short Answer Questions and Paragraph Questions
Multiple Option Questions
File Upload Section
Linear Scale
Multiple Choice Grid and Tick Box Grid
Date and Time
Response Validation Methods
Duplicate and Delete Questions
YouTube Videos
Insert Image from Computer
Add Image from Webcam
Add Image by URL
Add Image from Google Photos
Add Image from Google Drive
Add Image from Google Image Search
Image Resize and Alignment
Section Division
Conditions for Sections

Accessing and Managing Responses

Accept or Block Responses
Response Destination Selection
Download Responses as CSV
Response Sheets Unlink and Link
Printing Responses
Deleting Responses
Email Address Collection and Response Receipts
Limiting Responses
Respondent Permissions

Various Form Management Options

Presentation Settings
Creating a Quiz
Settings for Quiz
View, Release Score and Copy Responses
Delete and Recover Deleted Forms
Ownership Transfer
General Access Options
View and Search Options
Generating Pre Filled Link
Generate Pre Filled Links using Google Sheets

Sharing and Publishing

Email Form
Share Form Link
Add Collaborators
Embedding Forms
Embedded in Google Sites

Example Project and Goodbye

Example Project