Learn five essential Business English skills that you can use in your job or career every day!

What you will learn

Learn five essential Business English skills that you can use every day.

Learn Business English for presentations, meetings, telephoning, and socializing at a trade show or before a meeting.


Welcome to Focused English! This FREE Business English Course is designed to introduce you to our system for learning the English you need to be more successful in your job or career. In the course, you will learn how to open a business presentation in English, including the WISE system to help you remember all of the strategies. You’ll also learn important phrases and vocabulary that will help you if you have to arrange a meeting. In the third lecture, you’ll learn some important phrases and strategies that will help you to speak on the telephone in a professional way. In the fourth lecture, you’ll learn how to do a 30-second verbal business card at a trade show or fair. This is an important strategy that will help you introduce yourself in a very professional way. And finally, in the fifth lecture, you’ll learn how to make small talk before a meeting. Each lecture comes with professionally designed worksheets in both US and A4 formats that you can download and print. There is a fun quiz at the end of the course. Please be aware that free courses on Udemy do not include certificates of completion. So take the first step to improve your English by taking our FREE Business English Course today!

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Welcome To The Course!

English For Presentations

Opening A Presentation

English For Meetings

Arranging A Meeting

English For Telephoning

Speaking Effectively On The Telephone

English For Socializing

The 30-Second Verbal Business Card
Making Small Talk

Final Quiz

Final Quiz