Learn 3D from Modeling to Rendering with free Blender and very easy

What you will learn

Use Blender and understand it’s interface


Textureing and UV Unwrapping


Learn about weight painting & particle system

Rendering still image


Hello friends.

I am Morteza from Art Studio.

We created a 3 hours course, just for you for free and this is the second part of this course. But because in Udemy you can upload maximum 2 hours for free, we decided to divide it into tow part.

In the first part we talk about the Blender fundamentals and preparing you for the next level which is modeling. You learn how to model war cannon, rocks, barrel and landscape. During proses of creating theses models, you will learn many tips and techniques of modeling in blender 3.1.

In the next part we explain particle system for creating grass and how to spread them over the landscape. In this part you will learn UV Unwrapping and texturing. How to use free PBR texture and add them to your models. We talk also about lighting and how to create HDRI for lighting up our scene. At the end you learn how to set camera and take a still image render and adjust it in Photoshop.

What you will learn:

Use Blender and understand it’s interface

Modeling easy and complex

Texturing and UV Unwrapping

Lighting using HDRI and Blender Lights

Learn about weight painting & particle system

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How to add camera and take an still image render

Part one:

-Blender fundamental


Part two:

-Particle System

-UV Unwrapping




I hope you enjoy it.



Partycle system

012 – How to use particle system & Weight Paint

Uv Unwrapping

013 – How to add Mark seam & UV Unwrapp


014 – Texturing p 1
015 – Texturing and Unwrapping p 2


016 – Day Lighting using HDRI-


017 – Lighting using Blender lights