An interaction of Sachin Karve (Quantum Healer) with Jessika Jake

What you will learn

An overview of what is Quantum Healing

Knowing how Quantum Healing works

The Science behind Quantum Healing

How does one learn and Practice Quantum Healing

Experiences of how quantum healing has helped to overcome health issues


This is an insightful discussion between Sachin Karve (Quantum Healer) and Jessika Jake and in just an hour’s duration it answers quite a few important questions that people often have about Quantum Healing.

It explains as to what Quantum Healing is all about, How it works at the deepest level of human existence, What all health issues it can help with and How one can learn it.

It gives interesting insights on Quantum Healing that can help you understand the technique better irrespective of whether you have a background of energy healing or not. It also includes some interesting healing experiences of how the technique has helped people suffering from certain health conditions. It gives you an understanding of the way this works remotely and how the treatment can be done on video call.

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If you are curious to know more about Quantum Healing and were wondering who to ask, then you will find these inputs very useful.

In case you are planning to take up any course to learn quantum healing, then you’d be immensely benefited by going through this before you enroll for any particular course. These videos will help you get important details and insights which in turn can help you decide whether or not you should learn this technique and what you can expect once you learn this healing modality.



An Overview of Quantum Healing

What is the Objective of this 1 hour introduction to Quantum Healing
About Sachin Karve and his Dream
What is Quantum Healing
How does Quantum Healing work
Is Quantum Healing easy to learn
Healing Experiences
Healing Pets
Does one need to believe in Quantum Healing for it to work
How to Learn Quantum Healing
Masterclass on Quantum Healing ( 9 Hour Duration, 57 + Recorded Videos)