Make a Movie Maker application with GraphQL, ReactJS, MongoDB, NodeJS and Apollo Client from scratch!

What you will learn

Basics of GraphQL

Working of GraphQL

Testing with GraphiQL tool

Setting up GraphQL Apollo Server

GraphQL integration with ReactJS

MongoDB Atlas functionalities

How Apollo Client works


Are you ready to take your web development skills to the next level? Join us in this immersive course where you’ll learn how to build powerful and efficient web applications using cutting-edge technologies like GraphQL, Apollo, ReactJS, and MongoDB. This course will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to create robust, data-driven applications that deliver exceptional user experience.

Course Highlights:

  • Gain a deep understanding of GraphQL: Discover the advantages of GraphQL over traditional REST APIs and learn how to design and implement GraphQL schemas to efficiently store and fetch data.
  • Master Apollo Server and Client: Harness the power of Apollo Server to create a flexible and scalable GraphQL backend. Explore Apollo Client to seamlessly integrate GraphQL into your ReactJS applications and manage state efficiently.
  • Build dynamic user interfaces with ReactJS: Dive into ReactJS, one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for building interactive user interfaces. Learn how to create reusable components, handle state management, and implement responsive designs.
  • Harness the power of MongoDB: Explore MongoDB, a NoSQL database that provides flexibility and scalability for your web applications. Learn how to integrate MongoDB with GraphQL to store and retrieve data efficiently.
  • Implement your knowledge: Put your skills into practice by building a highly function full stack Movie Maker project throughout the course.

What sets this course apart is the incredible value students have found in it. Here’s what they have to say:

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  • “Very well explained by the Tutor in the correct sequence and at a steady pace, so that I can understand each concept properly” – Johan Swan
  • “Thanks for helping with the basic concepts of React Apollo client and Graphql. Now atleast I know frm where to extend, thanks again for free and short session.”- Pushpendra Kumar
  • “Good pace of instruction. I liked that he was creating something and not just going over a bunch of prefabricated code. We even got to see him troubleshooting his own mistakes a few times, which is a really helpful learning experience. All was good, IMO.” – Dave Dunn

Join us on this transformative learning journey, and unlock the potential to create a dynamic, high-performance web application. Let’s get you started!!!

See you inside the course.

Note: This is a fully revised course with an introduction to the new Apollo Client version(v3) and the usage of React hooks. If you completed this course with Apollo v2, please look at the changes with the new version of Apollo v3 in this course update. There will be some minor changes, but that will not impact the application’s working idea.




What we will make

Starting the frontend with ReactJS

Making the Header & Footer components
Making Movies Components to render Movies
Finishing frontend of the App

Working with Backend

Getting data from MongoDB Atlas
Starting with GraphQL
Making queries to GraphQL
Adding mutation to GraphQL
Fetching data from MongoDB
Connecting to Apollo Client

Requesting data to Frontend

Rendering data to Frontend
Adding movies from React
Finished adding movies
Wrap up