Learn how to build Great Networking, Increase Like, Do Great Business and Improve Social Life on Facebook

What you will learn

How Facebook is changing life of 2 billion in the world.

How you can increase “likes” and become popular.

Why Selfie is used by users.

How you can find like-minded people on Fb.

How you can get benefits by saying Good Morning on Fb

How Tagging an help you in Collaboration and Celebration.


Facebook was born and it developed a virtual world where humans can connect each other and get evolved. Human is evolved to new species called Social Media” person.

Are you on social media? It means you have habit of looking at your smart phone and keep smiling while looking at its screen all the time…you are a new species. This is Fb Users’ behavior. 

Sharing on social media is…Evolution.

If you want to learn about WHY and HOW of Facebook. You should understand how Users Behave and React on Facebook. Facebook is not a software, it is the world.

There are many companies claiming they will help you to increase your business but it never happens until you know how to be SOCIAL on Fb.

Selfie is confidence!

Facebook has a feature of sharing a cover picture. Almost all users have cover picture that tells something about you and it spreads positive energy and brings self-confidence. It says YOU are YOU 😉 Any behavior change has objections, its universal law. Selfie is absolutely normal behavior! (but not taking while crossing the road.

Know more how Selfie can be useful.

Fb users have a different kind of love. Secret Love!  I always write a post for people who just “read” and I address them as YOU, they don’t click on “like” but they are great READERS and LISTENERS. It is very interesting that users actually “like”  post but don’t click. It’s silent Love. I got to know about this Secret-Love when one of my fans came to my office to know the reason why I couldn’t post on Fb for 15 days 😉

Have you ever knocked your friend’s home and said – Hey! You remember me? Tagging on Facebook is a new form of knocking others door virtually and sharing memories together. Hook others name on your wall is called Tagging.

Tag! Tag!

Knock! Knock!

It is like speaking little louder so that people who are tagged listen or if you want others to participate what you want them to do. Tagging is also used to discuss on any topic.

There was a time when you could live alone, but now it is a time when you can not live alone. The world is connected and lives are complex. The new technologies help you to make relationships. I am not talking about #Robots 😉 I am talking about humans.

Sharing brings like-minded close.

The Facebook has been changing lives of a billion. You share #happiness and it comes back to you. You share your inner best wishes and your wishes come true.

SHARE! its love. Lets learn more….



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