Prep for IELTS Listening!

What you will learn

*10 Hacks for the Listening Section

*Understand the 4 sections of this IELTS component

*Discover how to handle numbers efficiently

*Discuss the importance of Grammar

* Listening & Understanding Various Accents


Are you new to IELTS Listening? 

This course specifically covers the Listening Component, and you will gain the confidence to handle each of the four sections skillfully, and know exactly what to expect on Test Day!

You will learn 10 hacks for the IELTS Listening Section, and an overview of what to expect for this section of the exam.  Catch inside tips from a full-time English instructor and former IELTS examiner.

What Will You Learn?

Together, we will:

  • Dive into 10 hacks for the Listening Section
  • Understand the 4 sections of the Listening Component
  • Discover how to handle numbers efficiently
  • Realize the importance of using the correct form of nouns
  • The importance of Keywords
  • Listening for Accents
  • Common Listening Mistakes

Bonus Material:  Downloadable Audio Guide for the 10 Listening Hacks!

If you have never experienced the IELTS exam, chances are that you are feeling more nervous and stressed out than you need to be! This is your chance to reduce that anxiety by learning all you can about the listening component, so you are confident and prepared well in advance.

Catch inside tips on the listening component from a certified English teacher and former IELTS examiner. Chris is originally from Canada, and graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Secondary Education, and also holds a diploma in TESOL. He teaches English every day, and prepares his students for their upcoming IELTS exams every year. He also spent years as an IELTS examiner for the the speaking and writing components.

So, what are you waiting for? See you in the course! Let’s work together and get you up to speed for the listening component of IELTS!




Introduction to the course

A word from your instructor…

Welcome to the Course!

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Welcome to your course for the IELTS Listening Component

Let’s dive into our 10 Hacks, followed by supplementary lessons!

Hack 1

Hack 2

Hack 3

Hack 4

Hack 5

Hack 6

Hack 7

Hack 8

Hack 9

Hack 10

Common Listening Mistakes

Articles & Subject-Verb Agreement

Section 4 & the Importance of Keywords

Listening for Accents

A Closing Word from Chris…