We attract what we are think and feel

What you will learn

Understand how law of attraction works

How you can change the way that you feel

How can you see the world ina different way

How to meditate


Hello everyone, my name is Ana and I took this course to explain in an easy and simple way what the law of attraction is to me, because perhaps this is the explanation you need to understand and start applying in your life.

So we all already heard about law of attraction and all amazing things we can get it with it, but how you can apply that in your life, how its really works? The law of attraction for me is a philosophy of life,Β  a way to see the world and to live the life, and that is what I want to share with you in this course. You need to think one step ahead, I’ll give you an example, you want a promotion at work, and you never get it, you get upset and furious with life, but ask yourself, why do I want this promotion? I will have more money, I will have respect, I will feel better about all the things I will have. So why don’t you start having that feeling today? Because a feeling is just a feeling, be delusional, act as if you already have it, feel like you already have it, it’s a clichΓ© to say that but, enjoy the journey, otherwise it will never be enough, if you don’t value it now you won’t be able to appreciate it Never! And when you start to feel, start to care about what you feel, the law of attraction will start to act, because we attract what we are, simple as that.

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Sometimes we take everything so seriously and shouldn’t be like that, there is no wrong or right, we just need to feel good about ourselves, our life and be open to receive the good things that the universe has for us.





What you need to do

The fundaments of law of attraction

Clear you mind

What to do

How to do your meditation

How can you meditate