Self promotion, Personal Branding, Confidence, Networking

What you will learn

Nurturing Professional Dedication

The Path to Success

Foundation of Respectful Interaction

Beyond “Egocentric” Focus

Mastering Networking Techniques

Strategies for Effective Time Management

The Importance of Punctuality

Unlocking the Power Within Humility

An Overview of the Corporate Landscape

The Key to Personal Empowerment


Discover the secrets to mastering your career with the definitive course in professional self-promotion.  ‘Personal Branding: Professional Development VOLUME I’ is the essential guide to boosting your success at work. This comprehensive course will equip you with proven strategies to stand out in the job market, develop your self-confidence and expand your network of contacts significantly. Along a journey packed with insights and practice, you’ll learn how to make the most of opportunities for professional growth, hone your communication and time management skills, and cultivate a winning mindset. Get ready to be empowered, inspired and taken to the next level in your career. Changing the way we think and see things and taking different actions are the key to change, to achieving different results in our career, but it all depends on the way we think and see our career, which is why in this course, we cover several essential topics for growth and change of mindset that will allow you to have a different mindset in life and in the corporate environment, with your superiors and co-workers all for the sake of your growth. Start today on the path to the professional success you deserve!

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Feliciano Mangueleze




The Agenda


The Art of Commitment
Unveilling Excellence
Mutual Steem
Shifting Perspective
Building Bridges
Harnessing Time
Priority Matrix
The 8+8+8 Rule
Prioritizing Timeless
Embracing Humility
The Corporate Landscape
Cultivating Confidence
Revising the Exercise