An Introduction to Spiritual Awakening

What you will learn

Understand what is meant by ‘spiritual awakening’

Learn about 4 proven approaches (or paths) that work and which one(s) might be a fit for you

Have a chance to try various exercises to experience a taste of the different paths discussed

Learn various ways to extend the material that resonates with you


Planet Dharma’s Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat distill a life-changing practice into four core paths for spiritual awakening in this lifetime. Through Action, Meditation, Study, and Integrating the Shadow, each unit explores one of our core pillars and provides exercises that participants can apply at home, work and in relationships. These exercises help us to develop greater awareness of our habitual patterns in body, speech, and mind. Where does our mind go when we do a simple task like wash the dishes? What comes first, a feeling, or a thought about a situation? Can we see an image in two, very different ways? How does our body posture affect our mental patterns? There will also be some short, guided meditations. Participants are invited to answer short questions after each exercise based on their perceptions and experiences. No answers are wrong. This is an invitation to step out of your comfort zone, and explore a little deeper into some of life’s routine patterns that we normally don’t take the time to investigate. We may find that small changes in our routines can lead to improvements in our own well-being, and in those around us. And that, indeed, is what Spiritual Awakening is about. As in everything we offer, Wake Up is founded on our mission of benefitting all beings.

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What is Spiritual Awakening?
Getting Started

Awakening Through Action

Awakening Through Action
Awakening while doing dishes!
Awakening bodily awareness

Awaken Through Meditation

Introduction to Awakening through Meditation
Exploring Compassion
Exploring a Sense of Spaciousness
Quick overview to 3 meditation practices

Awakening through Study

Introduction to Awakening through Study
How I Practice: Learning by Example
How I Practice: Clear Actions
How I Practice: Languages of Love

Integrating the Shadow

An Introduction to Integrating the Shadow
How I Practice: Limiting Behaviors
How I Practice: Clear Communication

Extra Material

An Introduction to Awakening Through AstroDharma
How I Practice – Insightful Patterns
How I Practice – Understanding Archetypes