Understand Gout from Western Medicine & Ancient Wisdom perspectives

What you will learn

This video course starts with understanding Gout problems from the western medicine perspectives.

Then we explore the rationale of the Western Medicine theory in explaining gout, its treatment and prevention.

We examine critically the logic of the Western Medicine later we will present how the key questions can be addressed by the ancient wisdom.

Then we introduce how the ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic approaches Gout problems, to illustrate the fundamental differences in theory and appro


Many suffer gout attacks.

The most unbearable part is the intense pain due to gout attacks. Furthermore the gout attacks can occur at unpredictable timing.

We present gout problems from Western Medicine perspectives and follow up by from Ancient Wisdom perspectives.

Hence it is an understanding of gout problem from both Western Medicine and Ancient Wisdom.

We take critical views of the western medicine approach and raise many important questions which are not adequately addressed by the western medical scientists, then we see how the ancient wisdom can address such insightful questions.

We make particular emphasis on the concepts of treating symptoms Vs solving the root causes.

We examine the underlying philosophy and theory in both the western medicine and the ancient wisdom.

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We hope to share a larger framework of mind to appreciate more the fundamental differences between western medicine and ancient wisdom approach to health and diseases.

This video course is also designed as an appreciation to thousands of students who enroll to this series of video courses on ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, as another application of the holistic and integrative theory.

This particular video is about gout problem.

For new students, we design this video course with careful presentation of key concepts for you to understand better.

This is a free video course for your happy learning.






History of Gout

History of Gout

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Pain & Discomfort

Pain & Discomfort

Gout as per Western Medicine

Gout as per Western Medicine

Gout Treatment & Prevention

Gout Treatment & Prevention

Ancient Wisdom

Philosophy of the Ancient Wisdom

Evidence base as Scientific approach

Balancing Gout Problem

Ancient Wisdom Encompassing Concepts

Organs Functionalities

Food Therapy

Overall Balancing as Healing Method

Background of Ancient Wisdom

Background of Ancient Wisdom

Further Learning

Further Learning