Overview of Dell Boomi

What you will learn

Overview of iPaas

Overview of Boomi Atomsphere Platform

Overview of Atom

Installation of Atom


This course will give you a very high level idea about Boomi Atomsphere Platform. It has been designed to give a look and feel of the platform to the viewers.  Also, this should be helpful for the people who are in dilemma if this is the right tool to build their carrier on and are interested in understanding the basics of Boomi.

I must tell you that Integration is very demanding and this can give a boast to your career. Please go through this free course and share your feedback. If you have any questions please leave your messages, I will be more than happy to help you.

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Below is the curriculum of detailed course which can be availed by contacting me on above number :

  1. Introduction to Middleware
  2. Introduction to SOA Introduction to XML
  3. Overview of Dell Boomi
  4. Dell Boomi Introduction
  5. Current market trends – market offerings, research analysis Download, installing, and configuring atom on local system.
  6. Getting started with Dell Boomi
  7. Working with different connectors
  8. Process design (Logic and Execution pallet reference)
  9. Execution pallets
  10. Set properties
  11. Map
  12. Message
  13. Notify
  14. Process Call
  15. Data Process
  16. Add to Cache/load from Cache
  17. Logic pallet
  18. Branch
  19. Route
  20. Cleanse
  21. Decision
  22. Stop
  23. Return Documents
  24. Business Rules
  25. Process Caching
  26. Add to Cache
  27. Load from Cache
  28. Exception Handling
  29. Try/Catch
  30. Exception
  31. Processing of Document split/ combine
  32. Creating custom functions and reusing across all projects.
  33. Scheduling the process
  34. Manage Process Extension (Creating, deleting, and changing values at run time)
  35. Cross-reference Table
  36. Deploy and Un-deploy applications
  37. Test the application Administration
  38. Execute process.
  39. Rerunning the documents in Process reporting.
  40. Viewing process execution documents.
  41. Viewing process and document logs.
  42. Setting predefined tracking fields.
  43. Creating custom/use defined tracing fields.
  44. Consuming and Exposing SOAP/REST APIs




Introduction to iPaaS

Introduction to iPaaS

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Introduction to Boomi Atomsphere Platform

Introduction to Boomi Atomsphere Platform

Get your hands dirty with Boomi

Get your hands dirty with Boomi

Atom- Runtime Engine of Boomi

All about Atom in boomi

Steps to install Atom in Boomi

Steps to install Atom in Boomi