Data Analysis Project in Python
Create Data Analysis Project with Python, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn,Plotly.

What you will learn

Define the roles and responsibilities of DATA ANALYST

Able to come up with solution to real world data analysis work

Become comfortable with python and its libraries.

Confidently apply for a Data analyst position


In this course you will create data analyst portfolio project using real world data set from kaggle.

If you are from non technical background or fresher who wants to do career transition then Data Analyst will be easier path to take and then you can explore yourself with the data science.

Even as a Data scientist , you spend most of your time in understanding the data , cleaning the data modifying the Data as per the requirements.


Explanation : I have explained every single line of code in this course to make it easy for the beginners.

Query Resolution : I will resolve your queries with in 24 Hrs.


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By the end of this course You will be able comfortable with python andΒ  some commonly sued libraries by a Data Analyst and you will be ableΒ  to confidently apply for Data Analyst role.

Data Analyst role also require you to know SQL which is not covered in this course.


About My Self :

I’m Nethra. Looking to learn Data Analysis ? Let me help you. I am working as Senior Data Analyst with 8 Years of Experience. I have designed few courses with real world cases, not to teach just basics. Hopefully my videos will be helpful to you in your journey.

Thank you




Case Study 2 : Hotel Booking Analysis

Understanding the Data
Preparing the Data for Analysis
Where do Guest Come From?
Room Price Analysis
Room Price Analysis Across Room Type
How Long Do Guest Stay
Booking By Market segment
Booking Cancellation