100 MCQ / Video Quiz with Explanation / 5 Practice Tests on Fault Analysis, Power Quality, Substation, TCCs & Transients

What you will learn

Electrical Transients in Power Systems – 15 MCQ with explanation

Importance of Power Quality in Power Systems – 20 MCQ with explanation

TCCs for Selective Coordination – 18 MCQ with explanation

Electrical Substation – How does this works? 16 MCQ with explanation

Fault Analysis in Power Systems 37 MCQ with explanation


To excel as an Electrical Power Systems Engineer, one should have a brief understanding of common electrical engineering concepts. For this, I made 100 MCQ in the form of video with explanation on Fault Analysis, Power Quality, Electrical Transients, TCCs and Substations. You will also find practice tests to check your knowledge. After going through these FAQs, your electrical knowledge will be enhanced, also it will help in clearing interviews and entrance exams of electrical power system firms.

I have been creating high quality video tutorials about Power Systems since 2015 and focus specifically on the fundamentals. It is dedicated to the people who make power and energy work and make sure that Power Systems are safe, reliable, operable, protected and well designed. But it takes time and money to continue delivering high quality video tutorials. My goal is incredibly simple. I want to make Power Systems Intuitive, Open and Free to everyone, everywhere. This is series 1 of 100 MCQ on Power Systems. You will see more series in the upcoming months. Your purchase will allow me to keep making valuable technical videos free for those who can’t afford it and keep the doors of knowledge open to everyone. Thank you for supporting me.

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Electrical Transients

Electrical Transients Video Assessment

Importance of Power Quality

Importance of Power Quality Video Assessment

TCCs for Selective Coordination

TCCs for Selective Coordination Video Assessment

Electrical Substation

Electrical Substation Video Assessment

Fault Analysis

Fault Analysis Video Assessment