Raise your email game, with 38 video lessons (hacks) and 7 downloadable resources

What you will learn

Understanding the benefits and problems of email marketing

The types of emails you can send out

The formula and secret sauce for email marketing success

How to get more email opens

How to get more link click-throughs

Email strategy basics

How to attract more signups

How to structure emails for impact

Using the power of influence and emotion

Writing and condensing copy

How to format your copy to get attention

How to design the perfect email

The power of imagery

Pre-send checks and tests, to ensure your emails are awesome



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Welcome to Create better emails
Create better emails (101-page ebook)


The problems with email
The benefits of email
The anatomy of an email
The 5 types of email
Email marketing jargon buster (35-page guide)


Email success formula
The secret sauce
Don’t copy your competitors
How to get more opens
How to increase email open rates (one-page PDF)
How to get more clicks
How to increase email click rates (one-page PDF)
Start with why
What does success look like?
Send campaigns not emails
Incentivise signups


Make it flow
Create scannable content
The glance test
The fold line
The inverted pyramid
White space
The 60:40 rule


Emotions drive actions
Emotions drive actions (example)
Emotional triggers
The power of influence
Write with your eraser
Break it down
Condensing copy
Condensing copy (example)
Expanding copy
Fonts and font sizing


How to design the perfect email (infographic)
Fortune favours the brave
I like big butt(on)s
Holding out for a hero
Make it pop with a GIF
Images off
Email design review (37-page deep dive)
Email pre-send checklist (infographic)

Make it flow