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certification in ethical hacking exam v12
Get certified in ethical hacking v12 with 90+%

What you will learn

Clearing concepts on ethical hacking

Passing certification exam for ethical hacking

Preparing for interview on cybersecurity

Getting certified


Disclaimer: This practice exam is unofficial and in no way   affiliated / endorsed by  eccouncil.

This exam is designed with questions that along with providing clear concepts give candidates full confidence to pass the exam . Candidates are encouraged to give their feedbacks, sought answer on having confusion with any question.

Key Features of our CEH Practice Exam:

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  • Designed by Industry expert.
  • Latest and updated questions.
  • Prepare you 100% for actual certification exam.
  • Let you Know your weakness and strength before taking certification exam.

EXAM Modules Covered:

  • Module 01- Introduction to Ethical HackingModule 02- Footprinting and Reconnaissance

    Module 03- Scanning Networks

    Module 04- Enumeration

    Module 05- Vulnerability Analysis

    Module 06- System Hacking

    Module 07- Malware Threats

    Module 08- Sniffing

    Module 09- Social Engineering

    Module 10- Denial-of-Service

    Module 11- Session Hijacking

    Module 12 – Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots

    Module 13- Hacking Web Servers

    Module 14- Hacking Web Applications

    Module 15- SQL Injection

    Module 16- Hacking Wireless Networks

    Module 17- Hacking Mobile Platforms

    Module 18- IoT Hacking

    Module 19- Cloud Computing

    Module 20- Cryptography

Certification Exam details:

  • Exam Code: 312 – 50Duration: 240 Minutes

    Number of Questions: 125

    Passing Score: 70%

Upon completing this practice exam:

Candidates will be able to pass the actual ethical hacking v12 exam with 100% guarantee ( 30days money back) as it has covered nearly all the modules and aspects in the scope of real exam.