7 Days of Happiness: Cultivate Joy in Just 7 Days
Increase Happiness = Increased Health

What you will learn

How to cultivate joy and a happier life in just 7 days!

Challenges and examples of how to extend your joy!

Supplemental tools to help shift your mood to happy!

Learn how to maintain a happy life!


Have you ever just felt stuck in the mundane or a bout of the blues?  Or perhaps you feel ok in life but know you could some how be happier? Life can be tricky sometimes and if we can keep ourselves in a feel good place, life’s challenges easier to face! Most of us do not have a big enough toolbox to keep our mood lifted in the moments that count. This course will help provide more tools for those little and big moments that you may need a little mood pick-me-up!

7 Days of Happiness is a course that can help you cultivate more joy in your life within only 7 days! This course will take you through seven lessons that help you make subtle changes to each day to feel happier. It designed to add a new change in each day helping you to create happy, healthy, and lasting change. This course also has options for you to continue each principle taught for a month in order to create happy habits that are simply integrated into your every day life! Lastly we have included supplemental tools to help you along the way, especially in more stressful times of your life.  Learn to create an everlasting happy life!

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Why Cultivating Joy & Happiness is Important
Happiness in Especially Stressul Times

7 Days to Increased Happiness

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