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Learn how to run Exploits!

What you will learn

How to use Metasploit

How to Search Exploits

How to use Exploits

How to exploit Win 2k and Ubuntu 16


This course teaches you the basics of metasploit, a popular hacking and exploitation tool. You will learn how to do basic port scanning and how to configure and run exploits. You’ll also be able to create malicious executables that take over the targets computer.

The course contains a demonstration of running an exploit that crashes a Windows 2000 computer. By the end of this course, you should be able to configure and run exploits, to run brute force password attacks and also to create malicious executables that give you complete remote control over the targets computer. That includes doing things like downloading files, browsing files, uploading files, taking screenshots, recording the microphone, starting web cam and much more.

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This is a beginners course, you don’t need any prior knowledge about ethical hacking but you should have Kali Linux at hand. Kali Linux is a system that is designed for hacking, which happens to be Linux based. You can get this system for free, by downloading the iso file and putting it onto a usb. A more simple way is to just ship a Kali Linux Live USB to your home address. Once you start Kali, you’ll have many hacking tools at hand




Metaspoit Options
Brute forcing
Search Exploits and Exploit Windows 2k
Reverse Shell (msfvenom)
Reverse Shell notes