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Quick intro to Databases with Python

What you will learn

How to use SQLite databases with Python

Basic SQL queries


In this course you will learn interacting with SQLite3 databases. It makes it easy to access sqlite databases from python code. Manipulate and analyze your data using Python.

While you can store your data in files, this quickly becomes impractical. Β A file can only be opened and written once, not by millions of people at the same time. If you want to make any kind of data-driven application you need to use a database system.

SQLite is a great little database. basically, it is a low-overhead, cross-platform, self-contained, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine. It’s great when you want to move beyond files on the disk and start working with databases.

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The best part is that it has bindings in lots of languages. In python, those bindings are in Python Package Index (pypi) as python-sqlite3 package.

The course teaches you how to setup a database and basic SQL with Python. Once you know how to work with SQLite, you can transfer that knowledge to working with other database systems like MySQLΒ or Postgres.You will learn how to insert, retrieve, update and delete data amongst other things.

If you are a Python beginner and want to work with databases, this course is for you.




Create database
Create table and insert data
Open an SQLite Database
Show table data
Delete data
Update data


Creating complicated tables
Show data (intermediate)
What’s next?