Perfect for folks struggling to plan out a grants calendar for their nonprofit; leave with a grants calendar plan

What you will learn

Grant calendars

How to create a grant calendar

The importance of grants for nonprofits

How to win more grants for your nonprofit


Don’t have the faintest idea of where to start when it comes to creating a grants calendar? Stress no more!

If you’re struggling to get a jumpstart on creating a meaningful 12-months grants calendar, this free 60 minute long grants course is for you.

​In this 1-hour special course hosted by Instrumentl, you’ll learn why grants calendars are so important and how to actually start creating your own grants calendar today.

​By the end of this one-hour workshop with Instrumentl, you’ll learn:

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  • What is a grants calendar?
  • 5 reasons grant calendars are crucial
  • 5 steps to creating your own grants calendar
    • How to create your grants calendar quickly with Instrumentl
  • 5 mistakes to AVOID when creating your grants calendar

​You’ll be able to create your own account to create a 12-month grants calendar within the hour.

NOTE: Instrumentl helps US-based 501c3s with at least a 90K operating budget, or consultants supporting such clients. If you are based internationally, you must have a US-affiliated chapter and 501c3 status to find this workshop helpful.

​Will Yang leads growth at Instrumentl, the online institutional fundraising platform for bringing grant prospecting, tracking, and management to one place. Instrumentl helps over 1800+ nonprofits save time in finding and applying for more grants, with customers increasing their grant application output by 78% after a year of using the software while saving three hours per team member every week.

​Will oversees community partnerships and can often be found hosting Instrumentl’s bi-weekly partner workshops which feature top thought-leaders in the grant writing space. Hundreds of grant professionals tune in to these events to learn openly and collaborate with one another. These workshops featuring many of the few Grant Professional Association Approved Trainers and Amazon Best Selling educators allow Will to have a deep understanding of some of the many challenges nonprofits seeking grants face.







Grant Calendar Overview

Grant Calendar Overview

5 Steps For Creating Your Grants Calendar

Step 1: Determine What’s Important to Track
Step 2: Take Stock of Existing Relationships
Step 3: Build a Shortlist of Opportunities
Step 4: Organize Your Tracker
Step 5: Review And Update Your Tracker

9 Mistakes to Avoid

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Grants Calendars

Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up