How parenting improves marriage and marriage improves parenting.

What you will learn

Implement specific actions for ideal family relationships

Accept, “Really” love, and allow agency of family members

Understand the importance of well-rounded basic needs, as well as traditions in family

Apply the “Boundaries Formula” in family relationships

Understand why “Same Page” in parenting can never really be

Seek for differentiation in parenting

Learn to work on yourself to improve family around you

Deal with lying and deceit in family members

See how to step out of the drama triangle

Understand the importance of relational priorities and accentuating the positive in family life

Learn a specific tool for accentuating the positive in family life

Acknowledge the real “Owner’s Manual” to parenting

Understand the importance of relational priorities in the Love Zone Balance and how God plays into the mix


Does parenting have you pulling your hair out?! Does marriage get in the way of parenting for you? And how often does parenting disrupt marriage? In this course, we dive into how marriage and family can be a synergistic mix resulting in self-actualization and happiness.

Topics include the following 3 sections:

The Family Foundation:

  • Family Built on the Rock
  • Our Core Beliefs in why we do what we do
  • Accepting as is
  • Real Love
  • Agency is Key
  • Basic Needs Fulfilled
  • Our traditions


  • What if we are only to love?
  • Boundaries in Parenting
  • NO same page
  • The Consultant Sandwich
  • Parenting Tips
  • Work on You
  • They will be what they will be

Marriage and Family:

  • Differentiation in Parenting
  • Lying
  • The Drama Triangle
  • Parenting Improves Marriage
  • 3 Titles
  • The Love Zone Balance in Parenting; including God
  • Intuition

Conclusion: Your Loved One Meditation

These topics in detail are as follows:

Section A. The Family Foundation:

1. Family Built on the Rock – Understand how to build the family foundation based on key principles.

2. Core Beliefs –Our core beliefs are at the root of why we do what we do; Do: Determine your core beliefs of your adolescence.

3. Best Parenting is Accepting as is- Discover your expectations about when a family member is finally “enough” for you

4. Real Love- Implement the Real Love philosophy with family members.

5. Agency is Key –Understand agency in the family dynamic.

6. Basic Needs – See the importance of basic needs being met in 5 areas, as well as determining if you are meeting the Magic Ratio.

7. Our Traditions–Discover or Rediscover the value of traditions; and make a particular plan to practice them in your family.

Section B. Parenting:

1. Our only job is to love – Consider factors in what the # 1 job of parents really is.

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2. Boundaries – Practice the Boundaries Formula and get tips on how to use it.

3. No Same Page –Understand why you’ll never really be on the same page in parenting.

4. Consultant Sandwich –Find what the experts say is the best way to parent.

5. Parenting Tips –Gather some fresh parenting tips from the professionals. Find out how to motivate children!

6. Work on You –Learn about fear, guilt, and shame through the story of Lehi.

7. They will be what they will be –Discover why we shouldn’t expect to mold our children into our hopes.

Section C.  Marriage and Family:

1. DIFFERENTIATION –Internalize differentiation between 2 parents and why it really works.

2. LYING – Discover what to do about lying in family relations and how to reverse the “Real Love” equation.

3. DRAMA TRIANGLE – Find your place in the drama triangle, and what to do about it.

4. PARENTING IMPROVES MARRIAGE –Learn why I am a better spouse because of parenting, and how you can be, too.

5. 3 TITLES – Do this fun, but effective exercise to really emphasize your opinion of your family members.

6. LZ BALANCE in marriage – See the difference between correct priorities in family life and a messy sandwich!

7. INTUITION- Finally! Acknowledge your owner’s manual for children and spouses!

CONCLUSION: KNOW YOUR LOVED ONE MEDITATION –Appreciate this time of connecting with your loved one in a interesting new way.

Discover how magical connecting marriage and family can be as you both connect to loved ones and truly find yourself!



Introduction, The Family Foundation: the Sandwich

Introduction: See how parenting and family life can be like a sandwich.
1. Building Family on the Rock
2. Our core beliefs are at the root of why we do what we do
3. Best Parenting is Accepting as is
4. Real Love
5. Agency is Key
6. Basic Needs
7. Family Traditions


Section B introduction: Classifieds Job for Parenting
1. “What if my only job as a parent is to love?”
2. Boundaries in Parenting
3. No Same Page
4. The Consultant Sandwich
5. Parenting Tips
6. Work on You
7. They Will be What They Will be if We Let Them

Section C, Marriage and Family

1. Differentiation in Parenting
2. Lying
3. The Drama Triangle
4. Parenting Improves Marriage
5. 3 Titles
6. Love Zone Balance in Marriage
7. Intuition
Know Your Loved One Meditation