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Discover your inner spaciousness with Yin Yoga!

What you will learn

How to teach others how to use Yin Yoga for health, happiness, and peace of mind.

How to work with students of any age, ability, and experience level.

25 Yin Yoga poses

Breath exercises (pranayama) which compliment Yin Yoga.

The Physiology & Anatomy of Yin Yoga.

The practical benefits of Yin Yoga: physically, energetically and psychologically.

How to relax and stretch with awareness and in complete stillness.

The Meridians of the body.

How to Assist, Adjust & Sequence.


Each Yin pose is the opportunity to crawl into ourselves and stay awhile!

In Yin Yoga, we rest passively in postures for two to five minutes, or longer, for a deeply relaxing experience that leaves us feeling more comfortable in our body and more at ease in the world. Yin Yoga stresses fascia beneficially while simultaneously supporting the health of mind and body by targeting the meridians of all the major organ systems.

Yin is a slow, soothing style of yoga that targets the deep connective tissues of the pelvis, hips and spine. Create feelings of spaciousness in mind and body with Yin Yoga.

In this course you will discover how to develop your own Yin Yoga practice as well as learning how to teach this unique practice to others. Whether you are already a yoga teacher or want to begin your teaching journey with Yin Yoga, this course will give you the tools you need to support others with stretch and meditative stillness.

You will learn to share the benefits and techniques of Yin Yoga in a way that will allow you to share this practice with others. This course will guide you through the theory behind Yin Yoga, illustrating the benefits of the training physiologically, energetically, and psychologically. It will also dive deeply into the practice, teaching you how to do Yin Yoga safely and teach it to others.

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For Yoga Alliance Yoga Teachers:

With your UDEMYย certificate, this course can be added to your Yoga Alliance profile. It qualifies for 30 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education (contact hour) credits. Instructions will be provided at the end of the program on how to add these to your profile.

All certificates are issued by UDEMY.

However, if a student would like to receive a certificate from the school, they can apply for this at the end of the program.ย  There is an administration fee of $35.ย  This is optional and not required.

All course content is curated by and is exclusive to the program.

By joining our program here on Udemy, you become a part of our Community Supporting Community program, which allows us to return 5% of your course fees, back to communities which focus on educational equality for children. Every penny counts and together, we make a difference!



Introduction to Yin Yoga

Principles of Yin Yoga

What is Yin Yoga?

Let’s Explore Yin Yoga | Lecture | Teacher: Andrea Nacey

Pranayama – Breath work

Pranayama | Lecture | Teacher: Juan Villegas
Two Cooling Breaths
Bhramari – Bee Breathing
Nadi Shodhana


Meditation | Lecture | Teacher: Angela Inglis
Create & Cultivate a Meditation Practice

Meridian Lines

Meridians | Lecture | Teacher: Mark Atherton
Body Meridians
Blockages & Clearing the Meridians

Yin Yoga Poses

Childs Pose
Caterpillar Pose
Butterfly Pose
Dangling Pose
Extended Puppy Pose
Seal Pose
Camel Pose
Dragon Pose
Dragonfly Pose
Frog Pose
Saddle Pose
Shoelace Pose
Sleeping Swan Pose
Snail Pose
Square Pose
Squat Pose
Toe Squat Pose
Fish Pose
Happy Baby Pose
Legs Up The Wall Pose
Cat Pulling On Its Tail Pose
Reclined Twist Pose
Corpse Pose

Teaching Guidance

Assisting & Adjusting | Lecture | Teacher: Joanna Griffin
Verbal Assists
Hands On Assists
Yoga Props
Methodology & Sequencing | Lecture | Teacher: Andrea Nacey
Sequencing – How To

Yin Yoga Anatomy

Anatomy Overview
When should we use Anatomical Terms?
Compression vs Tension

Yin Yoga Class Sequences

Sample Yin Practice 1
Sample Yin Practice 2

Registering your YACEP Credits with Yoga Alliance

Step by Step Guide