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Improve your workplace communication skills, get better replies, and be understood

What you’ll learn

  • Structure an email that is easy to read
  • Get to the point quickly and clearly
  • Get the attention of the recipient
  • Improve the chances that all questions in an email are answered
  • Reduce the length of emails and improve the likelihood someone will read the whole message
  • Know how to apply best practices when forwarding emails
  • Avoid the common issues caused by group email conversations
  • Re-focus a group email that’s become confusing
  • Avoid the problems caused by the CC feature
  • Know how and when to use the Bcc feature


  • Learners should use email to communicate regularly at work.
  • No other skills or experience are needed before starting this course.


Learn the simple yet effective email methods Chris Fenning has taught to people all around the world at universities and places like Google and NATO!

Content and Overview

Increase the chance people will read and respond to your emails at work (NOT Marketing or sales emails). Learn how to introduce and structure emails to make them easy to read. Plus discover the rules for handling group, and chain emails.

This course is designed for anyone who regularly communicates using emails at work. It contains 25 video lessons, activities, and assessments to help you master this critical form of communication.

  • Make your emails stand out in your recipients inboxes.
  • Help your recipients easily read and reply to your questions.
  • Be the person who keeps group emails focused and organised.

How to use this course ?

I suggest you work through the material in order, but the sequence isn’t locked. You can pick and choose the topics that are most valuable for you right now.

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At the end of each section you’ll find activities and assessments to help you practice the techniques and evaluate your progress.

The content of this course is relevant to any job in any industry. It doesn’t matter what work you do, these email techniques will help you be clearer and more concise when you communicate.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to write short, clear emails that people can easily read and understand. You’ll know how to avoid the common problems with long emails, plus you’ll have the best way to keep group email chains on track.

Plus, you’ll save time and increase your productivity at work.

Ready to sign up?

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Who this course is for:

  • Professionals using email to communicate at work
  • Students about to enter the workplace and want to make a good impression with their communication skills.
  • Workers with English as a second language who want to ensure their message are clear without having to worry about being understood
  • People who are frustrated by not getting replies to their emails
  • Individuals looking for a way to get out of painful email chains and confusing group messages
  • Anyone who wants to stand out as an excellent communicator at work