A guide on how experts in any field can leverage their knowledge into being the go-to guest for local and national.

What you will learn

How To Present Yourself As A TV-Worthly Expert (Even if you don’t know how to pitch yourself just yet.)

The Trade Secrets For Reaching Out To Shows You Wish To Book (And how to do so with confidence!)

Hear From People Like You On How TV Appearances Have Helped Increase Their Business.

What It Takes to Leverage Your Guest Appearances Into Paid Opportunities.


Learn what it takes for you to become a go-to expert for both local and national TV outlets in this mini-course!

Imagine Attracting The Attention Of New Audiences, Growing Your Brand, And Adding That Coveted “As Seen On TV” Line To Your Website

It’s all possible when you learn how to become a go-to guest for media outlets!

TV appearances are one of the quickest and most effective ways to get noticed, build brand awareness, and establish credibility.

How Would Your Business Change If You Could Sell Out New Programs or Get A Flood of New Leads – Without Having To Pay For Advertising?

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TV appearances significantly increase your list of qualified leads and promote your status as an influential expert in your field.

There’s nothing like having inquiries flow in from people WHO WANT TO ALREADY WORK WITH YOU!

If you’re ready to watch the leads flow in, this course will demystify the language and categories of the broadcast TV industry.

You will learn the basics of how the TV news industry works and what producers want from you as you pitch your story and segment ideas, with the ultimate goal of being a go-to guest.

In this course, I will answer the top three questions I am asked every day on how to become a guest on TV and give you the tools to help you determine if your expertise is a good fit for booking segments on TV.




Your time is now
Are you an expert?
Who do you contact at TV stations?
Do you need an agent or a publicist to get TV guest spots?
Do you get paid for being a TV guest?