unity 2D: Develop 2D android game in unity in 1 Hour
A 2D game will be developed from scratch – perfect beginning course for high school age students and new developers

What you will learn

Making a 2D tile game

Building the assets of 2D Game

Understanding the basic of C# scripting

Building And Understanding the Logic

Developing Games in Unity 3D

How to Work with Box Colliders

Access components and scripts in objects within a scene

Navigate between scenes

Create and save scenes

Building The Game to Android and running it on device

Develop Game for Android


In this course, we will create a 2D game for android devices and build and run on it. We will work on how you can create some sort of logic when you are creating games and how you can implement it. GUI is not considered only logical features are applied.

You’ll be amazed at how fast you can learn Unity. And, you’ll quickly become confident with all the game-creating basics. The pace of each video is designed for ease of learning, and not designed to cram as much as possible into each lesson.

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We will cover techniques as:

  • Setting up a 2D platform.
  • Understanding and Creating Gizmos.
  • Understanding the logic behind Spawning Gameobjects Dynamically.
  • Understanding Colliders and implementing logic to detect Gameobjects.
  • Understanding sprite renderer and how to change Gameobject color on runtime.
  • Setting up UI canvas properly and making it responsive.
  • Creating and Understanding Text UI.
  • Creating and Understanding Button UI.
  • Understanding Scenemangment and Creating Different Scenes to toggle between the game.
  • How to add sound to the game.
  • Playing sound at a particular time.
  • Debugging to find errors and their possible solutions.
  • Building and Running the Game on Android Device



Introduction to Unity and building basics of the Game
Using Gizmos to Define Empty positions(Create Graphical boundary for Gameobject)
Spawning Pianotiles on the particular location in a scene
Detecting the Tiles ,Destroying and spawning Unnecessary Gameobjects
Spawning tiles one by one and Setting layering properties
Changing color when Mouse Clicks on a certain Gameobject
Adding score to the game to make it challenging
Creating Ending and Starting scenes
Saving and Displaying player score at the end
Mastering the spawning functionality by spawning Gmaeobjects randomly
Adding sound to the game to see it come live
Debugging the final version to find errors and their possible solutions
Building and Running the Game on Android device