Save, Earn, and Have Fun Traveling While Helping Others

What you will learn

Learn how to earn free vacations with reward credits as a travel member.

Explore a sneak peak of the back office of an exclusive travel membership.

Learn how fun and rewarding the travel industry can be.

Position yourselves to generate wealth

Never pay retail prices again to travel

Learn how to travel like the wealthy



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Welcome to the Travel Profit Hacks Course: Save, Earn, and Have Fun

Introduction-Our Mission
Are You In The Right Place?
What We’ll Cover Todoay
Reality Check

Game Changer

Shhhh! The Fun & Sexiest Industry to Get Involved in
Company Background
Why Us?

Our 3 Products & Four Ways to Travel

Travel Agent Program (1st Way)
Vortex Plus (2nd Way)
Vortex Platinum (3rd Way) & Retail Traveler (4th Way)
Sneak Peak of Back Office Goodies
Take Four Trips for less than $599
How Do You Want to Travel & What’s Best for You?

Yummy Compensation Plan

How We Make Money

Tools & Resources to Succeed In the Traveling Business

Essential Tools You Need to Run Your Travel Business
Five Must Have Criteria for Any Home-Based Business

Think on These Things

Why I Love My Membership
Four Things You Must Do


Recap of the Four Ways to Travel
Hard Truth
Lecture 20: Bonus Lecture, Getting Started