Trading 101 - Is Trading Stocks Right for Me?
Know what is involved before you start trading

What you will learn

Identify the factors contributing to success in stock trading.

Familiarize with money management rules and calculate position sizing.

Understand the importance of the top down approach in selecting stocks to trade.

Recognize the various common functions in a charting tool.

Answer the question, “Is trading right for me?”


Everyone gets excited when the topic of stock market trading comes up. Thanks to social media, the perception is usually 1 of 2 extremes – the “Lamborghini & infinity pool” lifestyle or broke & homeless memes. This is far from reality as the truth is that stock trading can be rewarding but it is not as glamorous as most people think.

This course endeavors to debunk some misconceptions about stock trading and covers the many important aspects to consider before having enough clarity to decide to embark in trading stocks. Together with it’s later counterpart, “Trading 102 – Seriously, Is Trading Stocks Right for Me?” These courses starts with topics not linked to any stock charts at all covering issues like trading success factors and the difference between trading and investing in stocks.

We then move on to address risks by learning about money management and sizing each position in our portfolio to avoid over trading in a single stock. This is followed by a commonly under-appreciated method to select stocks to trade using the top-down approach to increase the possibility of taking winning trades.

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Following up, then we proceed with getting to know about a charting tool and some basic candlestick as well as chart trending concepts. We advance further with charting indicators and also various common trading styles.

Finally, we wrap up this course by introducing keeping a trading journal as a method to track our stock trading journey and progress. Throughout the course there will be simple quizzes, practice exercises and also resources like templates and links to external services for data and charting platforms that participants can easily access and use for free.




So you want to trade? Watch this first..

Success factors in trading stocks

Success factors in trading stocks
Success factors in trading stocks

The market spectrum

The market spectrum
What’s the time frame?

Money management and position sizing

Money management and position sizing
Money management and position sizing

Selecting what to trade

The top-down approach in selecting stocks
What to trade?

Charting tool basics

Charting tool functions and features – part 1
Charting tool functions and features – part 2

Candlestick basics and trends

Candlesticks and trends

Chart indicators and studies

Introduction to indicators – part 1
Introduction to indicators – part 2
Indicators and studies

Trading styles

Trading styles – part 1
Trading styles – part 2
Trading styles

The trading journal

Keeping a basic trading journal


Well done in making it to the end and what is next?


The truth about averaging down (Audio)