In this course, you will be equipment with the basic knowledge to be a successful NOC Technician!

What you will learn

Define the roles and responsibilities as a NOC Technician

Keeping informed of advancement in network infrastructure and technologies

Provide technical end-user support, performing troubleshooting, and resolving network issues

Running diagnostic tests on the communication between computers, routers, modems, and servers


The NOC is a great place to start your IT career! In the NOC, you will learn the fundamentals of networking, troubleshooting, and customer service. I have seen a vast array of technology in the NOC like Cisco, Fortigate, Meraki, Juniper, and Silver Peak. Many can transfer their experience from the NOC into high-level IT positions. I have met many SOC Analysts, Network Engineers, and System Admins who have come from the NOC and now have fruitful careers. Networking is the backbone of IT. This course will equip you with the basic understanding of a NOC Technician. I believe you can become an excellent IT personnel with this experience! Enjoy the course and happy studying!

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  • In this course, you will be introduced to the life of a NOC Tech
  • You will have a basic overview of the salary ranges and the educational requirements of a NOC Tech
  • You will be equipped with key skills to help you thrive in the NOC
  • You will be given plenty of downloadable materials to help you with your NOC journey
  • This course will include labs and quizzes to test your knowledge of the NOC
  • Students will be given a clear understanding of how to use basic NOC Tech tools
  • This course will help better your knowledge and skills as an individual so you can thrive in the IT sector



Who is Malik Girondin?
Recon Quiz!

NOC Technician Overview

NOC Tech: Salary, Career, and Tasks
NOC Overview Quiz!

NOC Technician Tools

NOC Tech: Ping
Ping Quiz!
NOC Tech: Topology
SSH Quiz!

NOC Technician Documentation

NOC Tech: Ticketing
NOC Tech: Vendors
NOC Tech: News
NOC Tech: Resume and Job Search

NOC Technician Bonus Material

NOC Tech: Anki Flashcards