What you will learn

This class aims to provide a deep understanding of the root mechanics of how facial expressions are played out on the Face.

This class shares information, which will inspire the student draw any facial expression easily, instead of sticking with only certain fixed facial expressions.

The project ideas in this class are fun and stimulate the creativity and learning.

This class has a brief and easy to do training program, which can be done at home.


Drawing Facial expressions, Readably and Convincingly is indeed a challenge. Facial expressions need a higher level of involvement from the Artist, as compared to other forms of drawing like quick sketching, roughing out layouts for a composition or even making gesture drawings etc.

The artists at Disney studios in the early days,  were taught to draw with “Feeling”. This meant that the artists were encouraged to ‘feel’ the emotion or facial expressions that they tried to show on the face of a character. But before ascending to that level of performance, the artist needed to have a strong grasp on how the facial features interact and play out the varied types of expressions that are possible on the human face.

This course simplifies the how facial expressions happen on the face. The idea of focusing on only a few crucial factors which alone can execute every possible facial expression is the core thrust of this course.
And with minimal handles to worry about, the process is made more simple and the artist can put all the focus on ‘feeling’ the expression by adding value with additional input like “enhanced acting” etc.

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In short , this course aims to be the bridge between the the artist and that higher level of performance. Where it’s not about the drawing , but about the ‘Acting’ and ‘Feeling’ , In the drawing ,which the artist  infuses into the drawing by feeling and acting out that emotions etc. To make it project that magical quality which makes the audience forget that they are looking at a drawing, and become engaged with the acting, feeling  and essence etc of a facial expression!





The Face – Playground of Expressions


The Face: The Acting Features

This session points out the features, which create all the Facial Expressions.

Quick Recap

Quick Recap

Self study program

Self study exercises

Projects & Closing thoughts

Projects and Closing Thoughts


Mirror Study – Drawing a simple Smile.
Mirror Study – Why is Drawing a Smile in Three-Quarters Angle better ?
Mirror Study- simple steps for Drawing the ‘Sad’ Expression quickly.
Mirror Study – Drawing the ‘Angry’ Facial Expression.