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Tools, aids, tips and kits to help improve personal productivity

What you will learn

How to utilise your time to serve you

Decision Making as Skill

Preparation as a tool

The benefits of Practice

Decision making tools

Priorities and Goals setting

SWOT Analysis, Cost Benefit Analysis etc

Aids for time management and decision making

Partnerships and Collaborations

Boosting Confidence

Seeking help

Affirmations as a tool for taking action

General Diary


Food Diary

Sleep Diary

Activities Diary


For many of us, productivity is a massive struggle. Productivity in our personal lives, in our businesses, when at work and even when at play.

It was for me as well. I have developed tools, aids and tips to increase my productivity. That is why I put this course together.

This course explores and provides ways to increase productivity in all works of life.

We look at:

– Productivity Mindset

– Setting goals and how to achieve them

– Time keeping

– Using journals – General

– Finance journals

– Health journals (30 days template available to download)

– Relationship journals (30 days template available to download)

– Using Diaries and things like Achievement planners (30 days template available to download)

– Affirmations (available to download)

– The practice of Gratitude

– SWOT (Strength Weaknesses Opportunities, Threats) templates (available to download)

– Building productive networks of people

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– Building good work habits and ethics

– Being open and honest in where you are as a person

– Seeking help to deal with things when they become overwhelming

– Seeking Partnerships and collaborations

– Joining a community of like minded people who can help provide the reliable information and steps towards your goal quicker

and much more.

Many of us are gifted and talented in various aspects of life, yet not seeing the positive outcomes we want to see in our lives.

In the current word we live, with so many demands around us, productive people will stand out and be able to deliver against those demands beyond every need around them.

Taking this course will enrich you in so many ways that you and others around you will see the visible change in you.

Productivity is built on:

– Planning

– Taking action

– Reflection, review

– Repeating and redoing the things that are working

– However, it is also about knowing when you need help.

This course will help increase your productivity and help you understand how to stay on course.



Time Management, Decision Making and Productivity aids

Decision Making as a Skill
Partnerships and Collaborations
Priorities and Goal Setting
Joining, leading or setting up a community
Journaling or keeping a diary – General, Health, Finances, Relationships
Decision making tools – for example SWOT analysis
Boost confidence – For example challenges, affirmations
Seeking Help
De-stressing for example picking up a hobby – Colouring