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Discussions for setting boundaries, protecting yourself from energy drains, grounding, self-care and energy work Q&A

What you will learn

6 Steps to Protecting/Grounding Your Energy

Importance of Self Care, Ideas & Discussion

Q&A On Energy & Energy Harm Question

How To Deal with Frustration with Clients or Students

Patience & Compassion for Others & Yourself

Dealing With Isolation & Loneliness As a Healer

Guilt Free Boundaries & Services


In this advisory course, you will receive positive guidance on trade topics of balance, discussion of honest heart felt issues, specific to people in service of others. Those in selfless service to others and healing struggle with very specific issues when working in a healing environment, and being exposed to people with pain and trauma. This course covers a few of the most common areas, and discusses how to manage and balance those issues with our own life’s mission, goals and spiritual life.

Because IΒ know what it’s like to be in service of others, I understand the struggle it can be to keep your energy level up and balanced when working on yourself, working on developing your business, while helping others with their healing needs. These positive energy lessons in light will have a familiarity to you and will be a supportive reminder, or could be new ideas to the novice healer. All healers need a supportive teacher, therefore, a supportive figure, energy coaching you through your life and work, can be helpful to you in times of lower energy, doubt, and struggle in specific areas of work life balance and feelings of achievement.Β  This course offers simple wisdom that can change the way you experience your day-to-day life in the healing industry (healing, guiding, caring and teaching). The lifetime access ensures that when you are down, feel off balance, or overwhelmed, you can recharge by listening to this course all over again.

Disclaimer: Truths are simple. If you need complicated charts, diagrams, pies and PDFs, this may not be the course for you. I teach through sharing and storytelling. This is a guidance and advisory course to give mindful techniques and positive energy psychology on dealing with common issues. This won’t change THE world, but it may change YOUR world by being supported and guided in what you do everyday!

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Love &Β Light, Sufi



6 Steps to Spiritual Self-Defense
6 Steps to Spiritual Self-Defense
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Light Workers Responsibilities & Boundaries| Let’s Drive
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The Importance For Self-Care
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Feelings of Isolation & Loneliness As A Healer
Compassion & Love When Frustrated
Compassion & Love When Frustrated
You: Beacon of Light
You: Beacon of Light