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How empowerment, boundaries and alignment imbalances cause stress

What you will learn

Identify the 3 major sources of stress

Define self-soothing and coping skill strategies

Create stress reducing resolutions

Learn problem solving skills that result in a win-win


This is a course every employee, employer, manager, supervisor, c-suite executive, leader and more should take.

It focuses on how to manage workplace stress as an individual and from the perspective of the organisation.

It is one of the biggest issues of our modern world.

According to many surveys and reports:

  • As much as one in five workers say their workplace stress levels are high (20%)
  • Stress causes millions of workers to miss work daily, even causing burn-out for millions
  • Impacting the wellbeing, health and sometimes financial future of those workers
  • Impacting the organisations they work for in various ways
  • Many believe their work is one of the top sources of stress

The need to explore this topic is evident.

The need to explore it with workable, practical, actionable solutions for both employees and employers is fundamental.

That is what this course aims to do.

It is a look at the various approaches to helping:

– Identify the causes of stress

– Define the real issues, separating them from the circumstances

– Mark out ways of handling these same issues

– Defining roles and responsibilities for solutions

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– What the individual can do about this

– What the organisation should do about this

– How to find help

and much more.

It is said that Stress related impact has a huge impact on those affected, carrying over into other aspects of their lives.

This course aims to equip you and your organisation with the skills to mitigate, manage and or eliminate stress in the workplace.

We, believe you will gain the requisite knowledge to implement appropriate interventions, systems to begin a stress-free workplace, as much as is possible.

Please, feel free to reach out to either of us for any queries you might have and we will be happy to help.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Helen and Baba.




Meet Helen & Baba

Expected takeaways for learners


The causes of stress


How to help yourself

Coping Skills

Resolving your stress

How to resolve empowerment, alignment and boundary issues.
Support Options

Additional resolutions

Understanding the stressor and what you need.
Ways organizations can reduce and resolve stressors.

Win-Win Problem solving.

How to problem solve

Questions & Answers

Transitioning to a new job or position; surviving middle management