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We guide you step by step how to coach any client, from first meeting to completion of the coaching process


What You Will Learn

Learn the perfect Life Coach process, step by step. A short course for the sharp minded that wants the core requirements.

Life Coaching is known for it’s GREAT questions. Here you will find more than 50 questions and the best part, in perfect order

Easy to follow step by step Life Coaching process with every question in the order you need to ask.

Learn to coach any person with any goal or challenge they have in any niche market

We have included printable documents for you to use during coaching.

There are over 40 documents and a cheat sheet included to assist you in your coaching.

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  • Be able to understand and read English


  • I have over 10 000 hours as a Life Coach and this course teaches the exact Coaching process I now use.
  • It is designed to make your Life Coaching easy.
  • The course is the step by step process to coach any person effectively.
  • There are over 50 questions in this course.
  • All the questions are structured in perfect order for you to follow and ask exactly as they are given here.
  • We even added a cheat sheet for you. The cheat sheet can be printed and used by you during the coaching sessions.
  • The cheat sheet gives you the full process with all the questions you need to ask in the perfect order.
  • This course will guide you step by step how to coach any client, from meeting them the first time to completion of the coaching process.
  • Each lesson describes the reason it is essential.
  • Each lesson gives all the questions and even variations of the questions word for word.
  • The process we teach comes from many, many years of coaching experience.
  • The process has taken years of adjusting, tweaking, altering to its current state of coaching perfection.
  • Today, it is vital to be able to coach people. We all need it not only as professional coaches, but we absolutely need it to advance in our careers.
  • This course will not only make you a better coach, it will also make you a better manager and leader.

As a added benefit  we have included a cheat sheet based on this course and over 40  great documents to use during coaching.

Truly extreme value.

Who this course is for:

  • New and experienced Life Coaches
  • Any person that wants to coach people.